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Ever Performed on PC and stared what that “Setup.exe” is?

Apk Games Well, if not lemme tell you it’s a file that Windows Explorer recognizes and hence can be executed (exe – executable file), So the setup runs and installs the respective program for which the form was :)

Now, these exe files are generally written in Programming Languages like C++, etc., Which are then compiled and saved as an EXE file so anyone can run them without having to register and compile code again and again.

Understand it like this: You are a Scientist, and you invented some Formula to solve a problem, Now if someone else wants to Solve similar problems, He won’t reinvent the formula; instead, he’ll use your formula :)

So is the case of Apk Games. They are Like Setup.EXE, but since they are for Android and Not Windows, their coding Language is different (Kotlin :) So Instead of Setup.exe, you get a “Name.” APK is just a package installer that installs the Game on your Device :)

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