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Download Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, Free Choice) free on android

choices mod apk

Choices: Stories You Play –  Choices Mod Apk everyone has their own life and each episode seems to be like this. They all bring a complete story. Each person’s actions and decisions are different and will lead to an unpredictable future. Today, there are many game makers who understand this exciting and varied game and released many products that simulate the life of a person.

Everything expresses the complexity of life and the choices that affect the future of an individual.

Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, Free Choice) – A good game in which you initially choose your main character and start to learn and live his life, meet new people, make new friends and find a partner that you like. Each character has their own unique stories, which you can discover later, the game has become popular, not because it contains an exciting and lively plot, but the fact that you can always choose the way to go is up to you,

if you are going to be alone or if the spirit of the campaign depends only on your choice.

Choices Mod Apk
Choices Mod Apk

Choose your drama story game

Choices: Stories You Play is a story collection game for many different people with great genres like romance, drama, horror and some other genres. You will live the life of someone you choose. Then try to make the right decisions to find love, keep a job, and live a simple life. Or even participate in a fantasy adventure to fight evil. Everything that changes a person’s life is included in the game to enrich the player experience.

The episode allows you to live your stories through love, romance, adventure and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were a character in your favorite story? The episode allows you to do this with over 100,000 interesting stories, where you can make important decisions.

LOVE FIRE: You have been chosen to join the final dating competition. You’ll live in a luxurious oceanfront mansion with other hot songs and search for your true love!

Break rules: find out what happens when you start to crush a technically “forbidden” person. Are you going to follow that romantic spark?


Choices Mod Apk
Choices Mod Apk

Many interesting categories for you to choose and play

Games like this are important to give you the best narrative experience. As if you were writing a novel on your own. Whatever you want your life to be, choose it. The love story is always the most popular choice for many fans. Because this category is very simple and suitable for many different situations.

Stories like these also often include episodes surrounding daily life. So the players are easily seen on it. Furthermore, some people also like their lives to be very dramatic, so they often choose stories like Korean drama. The horror article received a lot of support and was always above choosing “The Choices: The Stories You Play”. However, the genres in the game will satisfy the player’s hours of entertainment. It will help them leave real life temporarily.

Choices Mod Apk
Choices Mod Apk

Turning characters in the game into the player itself

This makes the game an RPG. However, there will be no fight scenes, just a story to tell. First, when you choose the story, you will receive a typical character. Often, it is the letter that matches the one reviewed by the author. However, players still have the right to customize the character as they wish. The facial features are the most focused.

You can change your hairstyle: hair color, face shape, brown eyes, even nose and mouth, etc. People often design the most beautiful character based on their aesthetics. Sometimes, some players build characters in the game similar to their real life appearance. As for the body, you don’t have to worry too much because the characters in the game often contain beautiful bodies. If the plot does not affect her (for example, the main character is a fat girl who drives her friends away), everyone is in shape. Clothing also varies from time to time, but will be changed to suit the situation.

Choices Mod Apk
Choices Mod Apk


Each story is composed by an author and collaborated with a painter. It is also important to choose according to the plot, as well as the author and the painter are equally important. The game also contains filters and background information directly on the poster so you can easily see it. Animation style, main drama style, realistic style, … everyone is welcome.

Choices will lead to different futures

Have you regretted a wrong decision in the past? It even has long-term effects today. So is!!! If you have this, you will see how important life’s decisions are. Options: Show stories that characters play with situations and force them to choose. There is no right or wrong choice. Choose the game that you will continue playing, however it will affect the end of the game. That is, if you choose a negative situation at some point, this will lead to a bad ending. These bad endings often make up the majority of the game. If you get an unsatisfactory result, you will definitely have to play again.

Choices Mod Apk

The appeal of the game lies in that, if you play again and choose differently than before, it will lead to situations that were previously unavailable. Those are the scenes that you have to go through. A story can contain many scenes and endings. If you love it, you can play until you meet all the scenes, enjoy all the endings and know how to behave for a good future.

More Information About Choices : Stories You Play

App Name Choices: Stories You Play
Publisher Pixelberry
Genre Simulation
Size 93M
Latest Version 2.7.3
MOD Info VIP/Premium Choices
Get it On Google Play
Update July 26, 2020 (1 day ago)


Download Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, VIP/Premium Choices) Version (2.7.1) (2.7.1)

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