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Fap CEO APK is a modern-day game for all the ambitious men out there. This game gives you a platform to build your career and run a successful business. Become a billionaire and find your perfect girl!

It is hard to get love and begin a family in today’s modern and busy life. From this time forward, numerous individuals seek after their professions and build their careers before scanning for their other half. Many individuals have high posts in their occupations yet lack true love. So to remove the fatigue from such individuals’ lives, game designers are making items that fulfill these needs.

Additional Information

App Name Fap CEO APK
Size 57.1 M
Latest Version v0.976
MOD Features Unlocked Features
Developer Nutaku
Content Rating 4.6
Requires Varies with device
Get it On Google Play
Update January 07, 2021 (5 months ago)

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About Fap CEO Mod

In Fap CEO Mod game, you are the CEO of a small company, responsible for hiring employees, managing them and finding ways to develop your company. If this company is real, I can confirm that you are the luckiest man on Earth. Why? Your employees are all exceptionally beautiful, hot girls and of course, you are the only man in your company. Besides developing your company, you can find ways to flirt with them and invite them to dinner.

Become a talented Fap CEO


Like Game Dev Tycoon, basically, the gameplay of Fap CEO hacked revolves around managing and developing a company owned by you. When your company is at the beginning, you have only one employee. Work hard, earn some money, hire more employees, expand your office, keep working hard, That’s how you grow your company. Essentially, your company invests in the field of video chat. You hire beautiful girls to chat and do many things to attract lots of viewers, through which you earn profits.

Hire hot, sexy girls

I am a simple man, so this is the part I like the most in Fap CEO hacked APK. Every day, your company has many beautiful girls applying for jobs. You can hire them, train them and earn profits when they work, as long as you have enough money to pay them. Your first employee is Amber – the hot secretary with blond hair and a blue dress. After that, you can hire more employees and expand your office. Don’t forget to upgrade your staffs so they can bring in more money.


Besides work, you can flirt and chat with your employees via email. In the evening, you can chat with them, talk about love stories and send selfies to each other. If you’re lucky, you may have a romantic relationship, but if you fail, you can lose your employees.

I love this graphics


Made by a Japanese studio, Fap CEO Mod has 2D graphics with beautiful Anime-style images. I absolutely love the way they create beautiful, hot and sexy female characters. They also have very cute and charming voices. If these girls are real, I will definitely be a big fan of them.

MOD APK Version of Fap CEO Hacked

Hiring a new employee usually costs a lot of money. If you want to hire a beautiful girl but you don’t have the patience to wait for profits from the company, use our Fap CEO MOD APK version. The game gives you infinite amount of money so you can hire and upgrade your employees at any time. Besides, you can also expand or buy more expensive decorations for your office.

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

How to use the Fap CEO Mod?

To get a lot of money in the Fap CEO MOD version, you will have to complete the first part of the game (First company sale). Then when you’re at the next company, go to the CEO’s office and click on the green up arrow icon and reset the skill with gems to get more gems.

Download Fap CEO MOD APK for Android

Modern life makes it harder for men to find their soulmate. This is more common in developed countries such as European countries or Japan. Despite being a successful CEO like the main character in this game, he has never had a serious relationship. Therefore, Fap CEO Hack APK is a great solution for men like me to learn how to find a girlfriend. Note that this game has adult content, requiring you to be at least 18 years old.


Fap CEO Mod is the new game of the prevalent game developer studio Nutakun. It has straightforward gameplay and satisfies the requests of the present age lonely men. The game can be played in multiplayer mode and single-player mini-games are present as well.

Fap CEO Hack Mod gives men a chance to have a successful business. The gameplay for this specific game is a bit extensive as a lot is going on all at once.

Fap CEO cheat is a dating game where the player will get cash to become a business tycoon, however, there will be issues during a relationship. So the player needs to stay aware of his activity and would need to keep his date engaged. There are various exercises you can do to gain attention to your date like sharing stories and texting.

Here are the main tasks of the gameplay: 

  • Build companies
  • Set up offices
  • Update the girls to gain as much money as possible
  • Text your date regularly
  • Makes hangout plans
  • Décor your room with decorations and stunning items once you collect enough money
  • Open up more than one date
  • At the point when an office is completely set you up can offer it to some other individual to get cash and purchase a better one.
  • Of course, some of the girls are will also have other duties such as:
  • Cleaning the office
  • Tending to the sick
  • Sub management etc.
  • Fap CEO Mod APK Version

Fap CEO Mod APK Version

This game also has an official Mod APK version known as the Fap CEO mod APK. This modded app allows you to get UNLIMITED MONEY for FREE. There is free shopping with this mod which causes you to continue playing the game for longer. Mod version also has anti-ban enabled so you will not get banned after using this app.

  • MOD Benefits
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Increasing Gems
  • Unlimited Keys

At last, we would recommend you to utilize the most recent Fap CEO mod. It is completely opened and it could present to all of you the free assets in merely minute.

So download it and enjoy! 

Fap CEO APK Features

  • Get idle cash, even when you are offline
  • Automate your workflow to increase your CEO idle income
  • Prestige CEO Feature
  • Manage up to 20 cool businesses

Fap CEO APK Pros

  • More than 100 scenes to unlock
  • Well written
  • Chat with your employees is fun and enjoyable
  • 15 hot guys
  • More Features are added regularly
  • It’s free (with optional microtransactions)

Fap CEO APK Cons

  • Gameplay can be repetitive
  • Typical casual online game with premium currency
  • Not much in terms of challenge
  • Basic Scenes

Installation Guide for Fap CEO APK 

  • Download Launcher Fap CEO Launcher
  • Install Fap CEO launcher on your phone
  • Install the APK File
  • Open the launchpad and run the game
  • Play the game!


Fap CEO hack APK is a truly very much loved and enjoyable game. However, it has some harsh fixes yet, by and large, it is anything but a terrible game. Men particularly love to play this game as it provides very unique gameplay.

If you are an ambitious man then this is the game for you. Download Fap CEO APK and start living your dream life!

FAQ’s About Fap CEO Mod APK

How do you get unlimited money on FAP CEO?

To make a bunch of money in the MOD version, you will have to perform the first part of the game (First company sale). Then when you’re at the next company, go to the CEO’s office and click on the green up arrow icon and reset the skill with gems to get more gems.

How do I install FAP CEO Mod APK?

Fap CEO (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key) MOD Info? Install Guide! To get many gems, you will have to finish the first part of the game, AKA selling the first company, then once you are in the next one, go to the CEO office and on the right click on the arrow up icon green one and reset skill with gems to get many gems.

How do you play FAP CEO?

The game starts by asking the playerCEO, to select their language with English, Deutsche, Francais, and Espanol. This can be changed later under Settings if desired. Following this, Amber greets the CEO and gets the CEO to hire her by clicking on the chair and then the hire button.

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