Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR Apk v1.5.1 [Latest] Free 2020

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What is play cardboard apps on gear vr apk? Download Play Cardboard apps from Gear VR 1.3.8 Free for Android mobile phones and smartphones. Tablets and more devices.

Gear vr Service

gear vr service Samsung VR Service is a engine and Samsung VR application. Manage user accounts and all Samsung VR 360 video content. This content can be viewed on using Samsung VR for Gear VR or Samsung VR for Android.

Oculus App Download

To download and install the Oculus application on your computer: go to and click Download Oculus app Rift Software. Open the Oculus app and click Install Now. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an Oculus account and set up your Rift.

Minecraft Gear VR Apk

Minecraft for Gear VR

The Gear VR version has all the features of Minecraft for mobile, Xbox One and Windows 10, costs the same and has cross-platform play with those devices.

This application uses permission from the device administrator. This app uses Accessibility services.

If the ringtone, vibration, or alarm does not work correctly with this application, switch to Gear VR mode and restart/restart the phone.

If you have a Samsung Gear VR headset, you may have noticed that the app store that comes with them has some of the best high-end games and apps. But few, the price is high compared to other mobile apps. In the meantime, there are thousands of other apps and games for Google Cardboard.

For Gear VR enthusiasts, you can now use Gear VR headsets with cardboard apps and games without launching the default Gear VR app. Therefore, the Oculus Home app will not start automatically until you re-enable them.

Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR Apk Main function:

  • Playing Cardboard Applications G Gear VR is a simple application that allows you to run any cardboard application and game on Samsung Gear VR with a simple rootless click.
  • Home screen control to enable or disable Gear VR or Cardboard mode
  • Advanced motion blur mode with [[Gear VR Developer Mode] enabled
  • Disable the key disabled mode feature. You can temporarily disable any required hardware button (support for Galaxy S7 Edge and some Samsung devices).
  • Card Calibrate Cardboard Applications Viewer – Calibrate the cardboard application viewer (distance from the screen to the lens, the distance between the lens, distortion factors, etc.) to work better with the Samsung Gear VR with the most convenient VR experience.
  • Launch the YouTube GR app on Samsung Gear VR
  • Disable Oculus Home from auto-upload


  • Gear VR Best apps requires gadget director consent (android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN) to enable and disable packets. To remove it, go to Settings -> Security -> Disable Device Administrator Permission.
  • Gear VR Free Apps uses accessibility services (android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE): If you have a problem pressing the hard key automatically when inserting a Samsung phone into your Gear VR headset, this version can help you fix it. This error has been temporarily disabled. / Enable hard essential function.

How to use:

  • Launch Gear VR Apks, then tap the PHOTO of the platform you want to launch, the Cardboard app (on the right), or Gear VR (on the left).
  • In Gear VR mode (only run the GearVR app), when you place your phone in the Gear VR headset, no matter which app is playing, it will automatically switch to the Gear VR home space. It’s a gigantic website with an app selection screen.
  • In Cardboard mode (only run the Cardboard application), simply load the Gear VR Apks as usual, then place the phone in the headset. But now, instead of switching to Gear VR mode, the app works, and you can play it. You can even use the control keyboard for your button.
  • Advanced mode, key switch, and Calibrate Cardboard App Viewer are optional.

How to add Home screen Widget:

– Go to the home page, force, and hold on to the home page for 1 or 2 seconds.

– Select the WIDGET tab, find [Play Cardboard app on Gear VR], then drag the widget to the home screen

How to remove:

– Open this program, click on the program menu (top right corner), then click the Remove this program button to remove it

– Otherwise, go to Settings -> Security -> disable the device administrator permission for this application before releasing it normally

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In this article I will share with you the steps that you need to take when it comes to building Play Cardboard apps for Gear VR. By taking the time to do the steps outlined here you will be able to build great quality apps that work well on the Gear VR platform.

The first step that you will want to take is to go out and buy a Play APK. This is an Android application that you will be able to download straight onto your device. Once you have downloaded it you will need to install it from the Gear VR menu. It should look like this:

From here you can select a template to create your app from or just start creating your own from scratch. Once you have done this you will then need to select which features you would like in Gear VR Apk, as well as where you want them in VR Apks.

After you have completed the basic structure of Gear VR Free, you will then want to decide whether you will be adding content into the app, as well as whether you want to share your app with others. When it comes to content, you will want to make sure that it fits the theme of the app. You will also need to determine if you would like to have a static page or if you would like to use a video player within the app.

As for the play cards themselves, you will need to make sure that they work on the Gear VR platform before you begin building your Play Cardboard apps. This means that if you have a Gear VR Apk application that supports playing cards then you will need to make sure that your cardboard games work with the Gear VR Apk platform.

If you are going to be using a static page for VR Gear then you will need to ensure that it runs smoothly. You will also need to make sure that it will fit seamlessly on to the main interface and that it can show off the benefits of your Gear VR Apk with ease.

Finally, once you are happy with Gear VR Apk you will want to take the time to build your app so that it will be able to display in the virtual world with Samsung Gear VR App. You will be able to do this by creating custom scenes or objects within the cardboard and then use them to showcase Sideload VR.

By doing this you will be able to put all of the functionality of your virtual world with Gear VR Service app right in front of you. If you follow these steps you will be able to build great quality apps that run perfectly on the Gear VR platform.

For more information about Play Cardboard Apps on Gear VR head over to the website that is designed for this purpose. There you will find information about how to create and design your application and how you can also get access to a variety of templates and themes. You will also find the ability to download Gear VR Apps onto a Gear VR headset.

You will be able to learn about everything from how to design your cardboard and how to design your layout to how to use different components of your cardboard. as, well as the different features that are available on the headsets. The best part about downloading your application onto the headsets is that you will be able to use it anywhere.

In addition to this you will be able to download a selection of other applications for the Gear VR headsets and then be able to create your own Play Cardboard Apps. Once you have downloaded your application you will also have the option to upload it to your device and start playing your own card game.

The idea of these Cardboard Games is to provide a way for you to experience how the game play may have been when you were real. Allowing you to fully experience all of the fun and excitement of what life would have been like if you had been a real gamer.

Download Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR Apk v1.5.1 [Latest]

Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR App Requirements:

  • Android – 4.1+
  • Version – 1.5.1
  • Size – 25.5 MB

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge +, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 + and Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, Note FE only ”,“ Note 8 ”with Samsung Gear VR headphones – WITHOUT ROOTS.

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