GOM Mix Pro Crack Download with Coupon: Creative Video Editing Tool

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GOM Mix Pro is a free multimedia program that allows you to edit videos easily. Developed by GOM Lab, this software is designed to be user-friendly, with an easy-to-access interface that saves time navigating available tools. 

Despite the word “Pro” in the name, this program is a free version. There is a permanent payment setup for the full version, but you need an add-on pack to unlock some features.

  • Free software
  • Version:
  • Updated date: 11/12/2020
  • Platform: Windows

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What is GOM Mix Pro?

GOM Mix Pro Crack is a versatile video editor that offers both basic and advanced tools for any user. From simple crop, crop and split functions to more in-depth image and text formatting, almost everything you can expect from a video editor is available.

Although there are not as many tooltips built-in here as other GOM products, you can still access the online manuals directly on the menu and view the complete documentation of this software.

GOM Mix Pro Crack Download with Coupon: Creative Video Editing Tool

Main features of GOM Mix Pro

Easy-to-access user interface

GOM Mix Pro Download user interface contains all the necessary editing sections and is very easy on the eyes. Overall, there are three areas: the Preview Screen at the top left, the Sources & Effects at the top right and opposite the Preview Screen, and the Timeline Pane at the bottom of these two areas.

You can get started right away by dragging and dropping files from the Sources & Effects site. The free version has many preset options, but some of these options must be unlocked with the paid version.

Choose whatever you like in GOM Mix Pro

You can find the play slider and its controls in the Preview Screen of GOM Mix Pro CrackPlay, Stop, 1 Second Backward and 1 Second Forward. There are two view modes available here: Clip Mode, which plays the selected clip or media content, and Project Mode, which plays all clips. You can also screenshot anything that’s on the preview.

If you add text and images, you can manually move them on the Preview Screen – even adjust their size and rotation by clicking and dragging.

The Sources & Effects section has the most features out there. There are six primary tabs: Media Source, Text/Image, Template, Overlay Clip, Filter and TransitionMedia Source displays all the multimedia files, encoded videos and presets that you can use on the software. 

Text/Image contains text editors and clipart collections. Meanwhile, Template, Overlay Clip, Filter, and Transition are similar in terms of animating but differ in the type of effect they create on the video.

Not complicated to use GOM Mix Pro

On the other hand, Timeline Pane has seven layers. The first has the usual tools, like Undo, Redo, Trim, Delete, Select Area and Volume Control. The far-right has the option to start a new project, import, sale and export. The second layer allows you to zoom in, zoom out and display the duration.

The remaining five layers each are for media sources, overlay clips (clips are layered over another clip to create a specific effect), audio, text, and images – allowing you to superimpose all the elements together.

GOM Mix Pro Download comes at a meagre cost but is impressive for the level of features it can offer. However, if you want to unlock all the features, you need two things: the full version and the extra pack. These differ only in whether you have previously used the free version.

If you already have one, buy a full version license and get an extra pack to unlock everything. Both will help remove ads, watermarks and encryption restrictions. You can also get this editor as a package with other GOM programs.

Great for post-production

Overall, GOM Mix Pro Reputation doesn’t disappoint with the way it offers features. Not only does it provide free templates and effects, but it is also flexible with the most popular video file standards.

It even allows you to upload directly to YouTube and Google Drive. You can’t customize its theme to other colors, but other than that, it’s fantastic and easy enough for beginners.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Tons of free templates, filters, sound samples and effects
  • In-depth customization of elements
  • Can be uploaded directly to social networks


  • Not many built-in tooltips
  • Can’t change to Dark Theme

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