What is HeroFi?

HeroFi is a mobile game in the RPG game genre based on blockchain technology. Similar to Axie Infinity, you can start your adventure and win PvP tournaments to earn RoFi Tokens.



  • License
  • Free of charge


  • Communication
  • Android


  • Update day
  • September 14, 2021


  • Publisher
  • Bravestars


  • Downloads
  • < 100


  • Capacity
  • 113.7 MB

Hero in HeroFi and token in game

Each Hero will have its own set of skills that you can switch between Heroes to use them. The surrounding Guardians can be summoned to assist in the attack, but the Guardians will expend some mana to do so.

Hero classes are divided into 3 with Warrior, Archer and Mage. Each character class will have special stats and unique skills. You can build your squad with a combination of different heroes with the support of the Guardians to fight the opponent’s formations.


Heroes can reach level 30. After reaching the maximum level, they can ascend and reach higher star levels and gain more stats. The highest star level a person can get is 6 stars.

Each Hero has 4 skills and a diverse skill system with different attributes, including melee damage, extensive area damage, healing ability or elemental effects on enemies. Skills can be enhanced if they have the same fundamental attributes as the Hero’s.


Each Hero in HeroFi will be allocated a certain amount of RoFi per day. Still, if the day’s tasks are not completed, the already assigned RoFi will not be available for the day.

Heroes cannot receive RoFi while recovering. Each Hero can only get a maximum of 0.5 total RoFi for the day, and the remaining tokens will be destroyed. You can use RoFi in the game to level up items, level up Hero.

HeroFi game mode

How to play HeroFi is similar to Axie Infinity. Instead of owning pets (Axis), you will own Heroes like Dragon Knight, Phantom Slayer, or Golem – descendants of Titans and gather these heroes. To be a strong team.

HeroFi has three main game modes: campaign play (PvE), PvP, and tower pass with monthly updates and rewards, including real money.

PvE . mode


Battle the army of hell and bosses to earn items and materials, which you can use to upgrade your heroes.

PvP mode

Become the Supreme God through PvP arena battles. Along with that, the open tournament is also a goal for you to receive bonuses.

Tower over mode

You will have to pass each floor of the tower and collect the RoFi tokens hidden on each floor


Heros’s gameplay is not much different from Axie Infinity. From gameplay, characters to game modes. The game is now available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

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