Download the Latest HTKK 2021, Install HTKK on Your Computer | HTKK mới nhất 2021

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Latest HTKK 2021 is a tax declaration support software released by the General Department of Taxation for free for businesses to use, create tax declarations, and have barcodes attached when printing. With the support of this HTKK software, the tax declaration process of businesses will be greatly reduced while ensuring accuracy according to state regulations.

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The following article will guide you on installing the Latest HTKK 2021 on your computer to declare tax online.

Download and install the latest HTKK

1. Instructions to install the latest HTKK 2021

Download the latest HTKK software

At the extracted folder, we click on the Setup file to install the software as usual.

Step 2:

After the installation is complete, click on the software icon to proceed with the installation as usual. For the first run, we need to run with the Admin account.

Step 3:

Display the software interface, and you enter the tax code of the business to proceed with the declaration.

Then enter all business/taxpayer information in the form. The fields marked with * are required.

Step 4:

In the Declaration section, we will see the taxes that need to be declared with forms of declarations, statements, and reports for us to enter the business’s data.

Continue to scroll down below the Tools section. You will see categories including:

  • Register the catalog: Including the resource tax and excise tax, helping you to know the tax rate applicable to each type of goods and services.
  • Look up declarations: Help to look up declaration information by selecting the declaration type and declaration period.
  • Backup and restore data: Helps to backup and restore data in and out of the system easily.

Help section: Provide you with detailed instructions on using HTKK software and some forms of statements and declarations.

How to fix the error of not installing Latest HTKK 2021

Many reasons lead to the inability to install the HTKK software. Or, when the installation is complete, you can’t type Vietnamese. With the error of not being able to type accented letters on Latest HTKK 2021, we refer to it in the article.

Turn off anti-virus software on your computer.

Some computers recognize the Latest HTKK 2021 installation file as a common virus. At that time, you should temporarily turn off anti-virus software to install Latest HTKK 2021, then turn it back on to use.

With Windows 10 computers, you need to turn off Windows Defender. Again, you refer to the article Turn off Windows Defender on Windows 10.

Next, the user will turn off the Firewall Firewall. Again, you refer to the article How to turn off/on Windows Firewall in Windows 7, 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

Install the most standard version of HTKK

You should choose a trusted source to install Latest HTKK 2021 like the one in this article to avoid errors when installing software. In addition, the installation directory should be in English or Vietnamese without accents. Do not use filenames, folders with accents leading to installation failure.

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