Legendary Hoplite – Greek Mythology-themed game developed by Vietnamese people

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Legendary Hoplite is a Vietnamese game with a Greek mythology theme developed by Hanoi-based Triplebricksgames. This game is a combination of two genres Tower Defense and Action RPG.

Legendary Hoplite is a game with a combination of Tower Defense and Action RPG series, or easier to imagine, a mix of Plant’s vs. Zombies and Diablo in the context of Greek Mythology. Although the core is still to prevent the enemy from passing the gate, unlike a traditional Tower Defense game,

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Instead of continuing to explore the theme of horror games such as Calamity, God, Blood Grass, or Lau Meadow, Legendary Hoplite is a combination of Tower Defense and Action RPG with the context of the battle of survival between humans and ancient monster species in Greek Mythology. I Hope, Triplebricksgames soon complete this project and release it on Steam with Nintendo Switch for Vietnamese gamers to change the wind.

According to nsx TripleBricksGames, Legendary Hoplite officially announced its launch time at 9:00 a.m. on September 10, 2021.


After Odysseus returned from Troy and regained the throne of Ithaca, a peaceful dynasty was established for 10 years. This was also the time when the gods handed over the Great Land to mankind and sealed Olympus. Until one day, Odysseus is accidentally murdered by one of his fallen children.

Before his death, Odysseus had to break a sacred oath to hand over the secret he had kept all his life. But Odysseus’s betrayal revealed Ithaca’s secrets; The secret that generations of soldiers swore to die for protection; The secret holds the existence of humanity.

This news began to spread throughout the Great Land, with waves of monsters flooding into Ithaca, encircling the land out of greed for power and the desire for revenge. They believe that the day of human extinction and the overthrow of Olympus is not far off.

Combined, legendary hoplite’s plot is a sequel based on Greek myths such as the Trojan
War; Odyssey epic; Incidents at Ithaca; The Legendary Hoplite Begins; Rise of the Underworld; Endless Enmity; Abyssal Greed… You can even compose and send your ideas to the development team, maybe that idea appears in the game.

In addition, each level is also designed so that players can develop their protagonist and military power in creative directions; Diverse skill systems, items, and armies will keep players engaged in endless item hunts.

With the context of the ancient Greek battlefield, the branches and monsters are inspired by Greek mythology such as Centaur, Medusa, Manticore, Sphynx … Legendary Hoplite promises to create an ancient battlefield where we can fight to help the people of Ithaca avoid extinction in the face of the threat from monsters as well as barbarians from the dark land.


Legendary Hoplite is a game that combines Tower Defense and Action RPG. The main context in the game is the battle of survival between humans and ancient monster species in Greek Mythology. Gameplay focuses on destroying monsters, hunting weapons, upgrading heroes, upgrading the army, defending bases to create the most epic wars.

You will transform into Dio, a young general (inspired by heroes like Achilles, Hector, Perseus…) leading that war, who must quickly come up with reasonable tactics to prevent the enemy from entering the city. The forces you control have their own characteristics and strengths with many branches growing.

They can work together to create the strongest defenses. In parallel with leading the army, you must control the protagonist to unleash reasonable skills to destroy the enemy. Dio’s powers will be upgraded, as will special skills that will be unleashed through each fight.

The context of the game is a battle for survival between humans and ancient monsters with a plot adapted from Greek myths such as the Trojan War, Legendary Hoplite Begins, History Odyssey, Ithaca Incident, Endless Enmity, Rise of the Underworld, Abyssal Greed…

As for the enemy, most of them were beasts and species shaped according to the original Greek mythology. The army of the dead were the ones who opened the war, they organized a good army and attacked Ithaca in extremely large numbers. Nearby beasts and monsters also take advantage of the opportunity to gain.

  • Heavy infantry – extremely flexible and aggressive with skilled shield skills.
  • Archers – in addition to the ability to attack long range, this is also the nightmare of wooden buildings.
  • Support, a solid shield for other branches, is always on the front lines.
  • Horsemen – possessing the skill to strengthen the surrounding allies and the ability to sweep super.

Legendary Hoplite is in the process of developing, we look forward to accompanying you in the process of perfecting this product, and even building the next product with us. At the moment, we will be constantly updating the game development process via Devlog. With the motto of making games with the community, we hope to receive many ideas of your stories, mythical weapons, characters, even unique missions … We hope to be able to complete a unique product with our own substances. We are waiting for you, share your experience as well as follow the latest information about Legendary Hoplite here. At the same time, we will also have interesting gifts when you join the community, do not miss!”

In the game, players will play the role of a young, talented marshal. The player’s task is to build a citadel, build a rampart, arrange guards to hold the gate, fight each wave of monsters to protect the peace of the villagers.

The monsters in the game are very diverse with different characteristics, there are even super epic bosses inspired by Greek mythology.

In addition to the well-invested storyline, Legendary Hoplite also owns a unique item system, novel gameplay, diverse content, and elaborate graphics. This will definitely be an interesting game, worth experiencing for gamers.

According to Triplebricksgames, Legendary Hoplite is still in the construction and completion stage, but in the near future, this game will be released on both Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Triplebricksgames adds that they develop games with the motto of working with the community. Therefore, Triplebricksgames hopes that gamers and players can create and submit their own ideas about stories, mythical weapons, characters, even unique missions… to the team. developed together to perfect a truly unique product with our own unique qualities. There will be interesting gifts when you join the community.

Email: [email protected]

Thus, besides horror games such as Calamity, Spirit Worm, Blood Grass, or Grass Grass, Vietnamese gamers have one more exciting new game called Legendary Hoplite – a combination of Tower Defense and Tower Defense genres. Action RPG to experience in the future.

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