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Live Sub Count For Real-Time Subscriber Check:

Live Sub Count refers to the real-time number of subscribers of an influencer. YouTube Realtime displays the number of live subscribers of any YouTube user as accurately as possible. Often, YouTube does not update the number of subscribers on the website in real-time. It’s hard to keep track of how it’s progressing as you take another step. This tool eases the pressure and allows you to see subscribers change live! You, Will, Enjoy After Using Live Sub Count. Download tutu App Free.

The number of subscribers, the number of views and videos and the number of comments are directly extracted from Google’s infrastructure via the Analytics API. Accounts are updated every second and are guaranteed accurate. Download Videoder Free App

This will also automatically correct spelling in most cases. It’s as good as YouTube Search itself because it uses the same search engine.

  • You can literally enter everything YouTube supports. Examples:
  • Username of the channel (example: MKBHD)
  • Channel ID (Example: UCK8sQmJBp8GCxrOtXWBpyEA)
  • Name of the channel (example: Fine Brothers Entertainment)
  • YouTube URL (example:
  • Search terms (example: Justin Bieber)
  • Channels of automatic discovery (Example: #Music)

If you like this tool, consider making a donation to support the development and offset the operating costs of this awesome website for free. You can donate using PayPal or Instamojo (India).

Live Subscriber Count:

At Apps Fountain, we cover all kinds of topics about content creators on YouTube. Today, we’ll explain how the number of YouTube subscribers works, what’s missing, and how the fountain lives subscriber counting tool can show you instant, real-time sub-counts for your favorite YouTubers. and your own channel.

Live Subscriber Counts from YouTube

On YouTube, subscribers are often seen as a mark of your success. All creators want an overview of the number of live subscribers. Just like a high score in a video game or high numbers in your bank account, subscribers must show a tangible sign of the content creator’s reach and its progression as YouTubers. In a perfect world, here’s how YouTube undercover would work:

All your subscribers would be real active viewers invested in your content.

Your subscribers will see all your videos in their subscription feed as you stream them.

Your YouTube secondary account would be a true reflection of people meeting the above criteria.

You can monitor your live count in real-time, watch more subscribers during promotions, and even view the sub-counter life during live broadcasts, encouraging viewers to outsource your channel. (Tip: you can do it with Apps Fountain but not with YouTube Analytics …)

Unfortunately, there are some complications with the number of YouTube sub-accounts

Subscriber Counts Drop?

With billions of viewers each month, YouTube is doing a lot to ensure that the number of subscribers is accurate. Much to the annoyance of many YouTubers, the social media giant periodically flushes submarines from popular channels without their consent. YouTube claims it’s fake accounts and inactive accounts. Therefore, your control time is not affected.

However, many people are caught off guard when they notice a significant drop in the number of their subscribers during the night. People who do not know about YouTube’s policy and procedures feel outraged that their YouTube subscriber count is decreasing (and rightly so!). They feel that their progress has been removed without justification.

It should also be noted that many channels, large and small, reported losing subscribers who were using their content during a YouTube subscriber purge. Many influencers refer to a reduction in the average number of video views or viewing time. Despite these objections, many other influencers support YouTube’s efforts and want more to be done to rid the platform of fake bot accounts and purchased subscribers.

YouTube Subscriber Count Isn’t Perfect

YouTube is one of the largest websites on the Internet. Every day, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube and 300 hours are uploaded on the platform per minute. This huge amount of content that people have been using for a long time on YouTube and starting to have crowded subscription feeds has been: YouTube:

They focused on the homepage, which is a combination of subscriptions, recommended and previously monitored. This is intended to generate more views.

They changed the Silent Subscriptions page to prioritize certain videos and channels, usually based on how often a user viewed the videos in that channel or the length of their subscription.

While these were improvements in usability, of course, they also had a significant impact on the reliability of the number of YouTube sub-accounts and, most importantly, on the number of live subscribers, for creators who based on this number to measure their performance. The number of YouTube subscribers also suffers from the following issues:

  • Many sites offer services to pay subscribers to robots. These are not real submarines and do nothing to increase your visibility, your audience or your advertising revenue. They can temporarily inflate your subscriber count in real-time, but it’s not good.
  • Many bot accounts will also choose to automatically submit to various YouTubers to maintain the appearance of a “real” user. Again, this affects your subscriber count in real-time, but not in the best way.
  • These robots are often counted in the subscriber count – until they are served one day.
  • All people with a Google Account technically have a YouTube account, not to mention YouTube accounts prior to the acquisition of Google. For this reason, many accounts are inactive and are always counted among subscribers – until suddenly, they are purged.
Sub Count on Channel vs Sub Counter in Analytics

You will sometimes notice that the subscriber accounts listed on your public channels do not match the secondary accounts listed in the Analytics for channels sections. YouTube does not update channel statistics in real-time. For the Analytics dashboard, they delay the data by 48 hours. YouTube says this extra time is used to review new subscribers to make sure they are legitimate and not spam accounts or bot.

Sub Count Affected Private YouTube Accounts

Another cause of a sub-account mismatch is between your public number and the list of your actual subscribers. Many people on YouTube choose to subscribe while keeping their subscriptions private, which means you will not be able to track subscribers.

How Apps Fountain Can Help You

Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: our team here in Apps Fountain. At Apps Fountain, we have two main offers: our platform and our blog. Our Apps Fountain Influencer marketing platform allows YouTube creators to connect with brands for paid sponsorship opportunities. Brands use Apps Fountain to find great YouTube influencers to promote their products.

Brands look at a variety of factors to decide who to work with. These include a number of youtube sub-accounts, the average number of views per video, engagement rate (ratio of likes + comments + shares divided by views), quality of content, brand personality, other social network profiles that may be relevant to their influencer marketing campaign. , among others.

Our blog, meanwhile, offers a wide variety of informative messages, just like this one. We offer our blog for nothing in light of the fact that we will probably enable you to develop as a maker. If this is your goal too, we recommend you stay.

While these were improvements in usability, of course, they also had a significant impact on the reliability of YouTube subscribers and, more importantly, on the number of sub-users being streamed live, for the creators who used this number to measure their performance. The YouTube endorser counter additionally experiences the accompanying issues:

Subscribers, What Are They Exactly?

A subscriber on YouTube is simply a subscriber of your channel. This means that they will see your channel in their subscription feeds each time you choose to download a video. In theory, this means that you have a reliable viewer for every video you make. Unfortunately, this is not always true. There are a lot of complications in this creator-subscriber relationship, and we’re going to look at that now.

Subscriber Count vs Watch Time

Watch time determines how many videos YouTube chooses to enhance your videos. If your viewing time remains the same after a subscriber’s purge, you have not lost anything.

Look here for a complete guide to YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Subscriber Count

Despite the creators’ demand for real-time sub-accounts for their channels, YouTube does not offer service in their analysis. They have a real-time view, but it only shows information about video views in the last hour or 48 hours. It updates automatically every 10 seconds. If you want to monitor the number of subscribers in real-time, you need to use an external tool such as Apps Fountain’s Live Sub Count. Live Sub Count.

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