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Mini Militia Mod APK Download Free. Miniclip has created a traditional shooting game called Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. The game comes with 2D graphics and for the graphics, classic games like Rambo and Stickman were the inspiration.

Doodle Army 2 mini militia mod APK is a battle multiplayer game that is brimming with bursting highlights. The game is modern and fun with a lot of exciting levels and free resources!

Additional Information

App Name Mini Militia Mod APK
Size 43M
Latest Version 5.3.4
MOD Features Unlimited Energy and Gold
Content Rating 4.1
Requires 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Update January 07, 2021 (5 months ago)

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Download Doodle army 2 mini militia mod APK

If you are looking to play a genuine shooting game loaded up with fury then get mini militia mod APK 2021. So, click here for mini militia mod APK download right now! You also read All Football Play.

Gameplay Mini Militia Mod APK

The gameplay is genuinely instinctive and includes:

  1. Hiding
  2. Shooting
  3. Jumping
  4. Killing and everything else expected from a war game

The Mini Militia Modded has various levels and each level is very extensive on its own; you get a ton of room to move around and to escape and hide from your foes. Every level additionally has various explosives and weapons to find and use!

You might be thinking: what you have to do in the Mini Militia Mod apk Download to win? Well, all you need to do is to get rid of your enemies by killing them. Pretty simple, right? You have to ensure that your enemies will not be able to execute their evil plans to protect the world. Join hands with other players and destroy the enemies together. Match with your teammates and increase your chances of winning.

Doodle Army 2 hacked apk is loaded with fun as you can be a part of different groups where online players are ready to be your companions. You can also play matches with your friends over LAN in 6v6 fights.

Game Modes

There are three different game mode in mini militia hack apk i.e.:

  • Training

It can be played in solo mode as well as multiplayer mode. The maximum players in training mode through a Wi-Fi association can be 16.

  • Co-operation

The online co-operation mode permits up to 8 players most extreme

  • Survival

Single Player or solo mode is played in survival mode

Weapons and Characters 

There are various weapons that you can use to fight and you can update them to make them stronger. These include:

  1. Sniper rifles
  2. Machine guns
  3. Even flamethrowers and much more

Likewise, you can improve your character with different costumes. You can get unlimited weapons and costumes with the Mini Militia Latest Mod APK version. Get the mini militia mod APK to download unlimited health and ammo for these updates.


The graphics of the Mini Militia hack Mod APK are very old and classic. Somewhat, you can feel that the game is structured very interestingly, rotating around things in the war, for example, officers, weapons, bombs, and so forth. The traps and effects are designed decently.


Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia has very basic controls. When you will control the character for the first time, you will get a feeling that it is tougher a bit than your expectations. The game has double control instruments, i.e., you will have to control the character along with shooting the enemy.

The movement of the character is a bit slower than expected. While playing on mobile, you will realize that controlling the character here is tougher than controlling in the desktop version of the game. Nothing to worry about as you will learn better controls after some matches.

Main Features

  1. Allows you to sharpen your skills via offline training
  2. Advanced zoom controls
  3. An intense and fast-paced game with plenty of action
  4. Requires you to act quickly act and rely on your instinct
  5. Supports different modes including a survival mode
  6. Supports up to six players at a time
  7. Based on the popular game Doodle Army
  8. Plenty of modern weapons available such as snipers, grenades, shotguns, and flamethrowers

Tips to Play Doodle army 2 mini militia mod APK

These Quick tips in Mini Militia hack version will help you survive the better for longer. Check out some of these mini militia hacks to fight for a long duration.

  • Kneel and attack
  • Choose 2X view for a better view
  • Hide in green bushes
  • Escape and hide to improve your health
  • Always try to fight the battle with two weapons
  • Plant time bombs and gas bombs
  • Use melee attack when you are close to your opponent
  • Before entering the battlefield make sure your weapons are fully loaded
  • Use mini militia cheats in Mini Militia Mod shd version for a more convenient and easy game


  1. Mini militia wall hack makes the game much more engaging as the players have easy access to the gameplay which can cause an extreme obsession with the game. Hence, a mobile touch sensor might degrade with excessive usage.
  2. Doodle Army 2 mini militia mod APK version start bugging sometimes so if you are an experienced player, then do consider buying a pro pack.
  3. Many tampered and malicious APK files are present on the web which could steal data from your phone such as contacts, email, pictures, etc. Though Mini Militia hack Apk itself is completely safe to play, make sure to download mini militia latest version it from a truth worthy source.

Installing Mini Militia Mod APK on Android

Step #1:

First of all, make sure there is enough internal storage for the app in your device.

Step #2:
Enable installation from unknown sources in the settings menu.

Step #3:

Download the APK file on your phone.

Step #4:

Uninstall any old or previous version on Doodle Army 2 on your phone.

Step #5:

Tap on the Doodle army 2 mini militia mod APK file icon and allow the app permissions.

Step #6:

Once the installation is complete, start shooting!


Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Mod APK is one of the coolest and funny shooting games on Android mobiles. The game has neat graphics, engaging gameplay, and notable sound to offer.

If you love playing shooting games, then you will find Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod APK highly addictive and very entertaining.

In case you have already played Doodle Army then go ahead and download the latest installment to continue shooting and fighting right away!

Mini Militia Mod Apk 2021 – Latest Mini Militia mods you have never played before

Doodle army 2 or Mini militia is a famous multiplayer game. Once you play, you will be highly addicted to it. It has a classic 2D game feel in which a stick man is surviving himself in a jungle and different maps. Finding different weapons in a map, flying with nitro, bombs makes this game more interesting and engaging.

To make this game more awesome and winning, different developers modified it according to their desires. Here is best Mini Militia Hack Mod APK with pro pack unlocked. Moreover, this mod has unlimited health, ammo, battle points as well. enjoy!

Find other exciting features filled with advanced mini militia mod apks below and always win the game when you play with competitors.

Mini Militia Mod apk:

Mini militia hack mods are very famous among players. Each mod has different qualities and features designed by the developer. Here each mod is listed along with features and a download link. All mod versions of the mini militia hack apk are added in this website including basic mods as well as advanced mods. Stay with us till the end of the article, and you will be amazed by the best mods. check the popularity of different mods worldwide in the following info-graphics.

Mini Militia MOD latest 5.0.1 – Pro Pack Unlocked [apk]

As you played normal version of mini militia hack you might be fed up by losing health again and again. Pro players try to kill you and you continuously losing game. Now here is best mod for you in which you will have mini militia hack mod pro pack unlocked and you will have access to pro features. In addition to this, other awesome features are also added. Fun of mini militia becomes double when you have unlimited stuff to use!

  • Online content unlocked
  • Rocket launcher and other pro weapons
  • Sniper rifle
  • Carry 2 deadly gun at once
  • Dual wield for pro weapons
  • More awesome avatar skins
  • And much more…

Unlimited Health, ammo, nitro Mod:

Mini Militia Mod APK is specifically for those who wants to play game with unlimited heath, unlimited nitro and unlimited ammo or bullets. Explanation and download link is given in below paragraphs.

Unlimited health mod:

In mini militia hack, health refers to player life. It is appeared on upper left corner. Usually a player lost his life with some bullet attacks or electric shock attacks. But how amazing if your player never lost his life. Yes! No player can kill you either online or play via LAN wifi.

Unlimited Ammo mod:

Ammo are the bullet sets of any gun you pick in game. In normal game, each gun comes with limited number of ammo or bullets. These ammo finished after some time and other player can kill with his bullets when  you are zero on ammo. But developers solved this by modifying core files and added unlimited ammo facility. Shoot as much bullets as you can and kill your competitors

Unlimited Nitro:

Mini Militia hack apk download have feature of flying. Your player can fly for limited time if you have nitro. Nitro reloads after some time and then flying capability begins. Means you have to wait for nitro power to fill. But in this mod, you can fly for unlimited time because nitro will never finish. Nitro also helps to escape quickly from enemy. To download unlimited nitro, ammo and health mod click download button. Also don’t forget to check GOD MOD in next paragraphs.

Unlimited Money or Battle points:

In mini militia modedd, unlimited battle points are added besides other features. You can shop from store with these battle points and equip upgrades and weapons as maximum as possible.

Special Avatars mod (Unlocked):

While playing game you might be impressed by the avatars of other players. While you have only few boring avatars. Stop worrying! Here in this mod you will have access of all avatars, Even you can make yours custom version of it. All outlook features are unlocked along with battle points and health.

How to install Mini Militia mod apk in android?

You can install and enjoy game in yours android device by following mentioned steps:

  • Go to setting of yours mobile, then security option and allow unknown sources to install apk files on yours device. You will find this option under Device Administration tab.
  • Download mod apk from our site.
  • If you are using laptop or pc download this file to yours pc and then transfer to your mobile device.
  • Press install, then mini militia mod apk will be installed in yours
  • Now play with your friends or play online! Enjoy!

FAQs About Mini Militia Mod APK:

How do I download mods for mini militia?

Mini Militia modedd have different mods filled with different features. You can download mods from different websites by following given steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Browse for your desired mod
  3. Download mini militia mod apk file directly from yours mobile
  4. Install apk in yours mobile and have fun.

Here all collection of latest mods is available at . Following mods are readily available for download:

List of all mini militia mod apk:

  • Pro Pak Mod
  • GOD Mod
  • Mega Mod
  • Unlimited health Mod
  • Unlimited nitro Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo Mod
  • All in one Mod
  • Wall hack Mod
  • Ultra Mod
  • One Shot Kill Mod
  • Mortal mod
  • Immortal mod
    • CFT and latest ones.

What is mini militia Pro Pack?

Mini Militia pro pack is premium version of original game. It contains some additional features such as Battle points to buy Additional upgrades, New Character avatars, Access to advanced guns such as sniper. Ability to pick two deadly guns etc. But you can get Pro Pack mod apk free of cost from here. It is considered as one of the best mini milita mod apk.

How do I download mini militia wall hack mod apk?

Download mini militia hacks is not a tough task. You can easily download mini militia wall hack by following given steps:

  • Go to website
  • Search for Wall Hack Mod apk
  • Click on page
  • Click on Download Wall hack mod apk
  • Download it on yours android phone
  • Install and play

How to play mini militia mod apk?

Mini militia mod apk is a 2D game based on survival Mod APK theme. You have enemies al around and you have to save yourself from them. Controls are really simple yet effective. Pick guns and attack on others. Video is added below. Watch out and you will have better idea about playing mini militia.

Can I play mini militia in PC?

Yes, to play mini militia on pc using android emulator. Actually you can play any android game on PC. A complete step by step process is explained here.

Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?

Unfortunately, You cannot play mini militia on windows phone. Altough you can play on Windows laptop, or pc using android emulators such as bluestack or nox.

How do you play mini militia from different places?

By adding your friends from different locations, you can play multiplayer game with your friends. This option is located in lower right corner of game. For this, you friends must be connected via internet and they all must sign in to the game. Another way to play mini militia hack apk with friends from different locations is to make a separate game room (server) and ask friends to join it. In this way you will have a room including your friends only. No matter in which city or country they are! All they need to play is to have access to quality internet. That’s it!

If you still have any confusion about playing this game online, click here for video demonstrations.

Is Mini Militia available for PC?

If you want to enjoy mini militia on PC or laptop, here is complete step by step guide with pictures.

How do you play mini militia online?

Mini Militia cheat hack is now a property on  mini clip and does not any option to play online. It is installation based game. So, Any device is required for installation to play this game e.g android, iOS or Windows PC.

Is Andy better than BlueStacks for playing mini militia?

As per our experience and reviews from different users, We can conclude that BlueStack is far better than Andy for playing this game.

Is BlueStacks a virus?

No, the problem is people download it from unofficial sources. Bluestack is android emulator and completely legal to use. I would suggest you to download this emulator from official website and you never have a problem. It works smoothly for medium level games such as doodle army 2.

Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?

Mini Militia cheat hack is available only on Android and iOs operating systems. Unfortunately it is not available on windows store.

How do I download mini militia on my laptop?

You can download mini militia doodle army 2 on yours laptop from here. This article also contain “How to play on pc or laptop”

How do you play mini militia with hotspot?

An option named as “Play Local” is available in mini militia menu where one need to host the game via hotspot. All other players in hotspot range, join same hotspot and play against each other in same game. Follow given steps to play game with hotspot:

  1. Turn on mobile Hotspot.
  2. Open the app
  3. Choose third option named as “Practice Local”
  4. Then chose Death Match
  5. Click on LAN Wifi
  6. Here you will find the option named as “HOST”.
  7. Click on HOST.

Now ask your friends to connect to yours hotspot and follow same above steps. But instead of clicking on host they have to click on join.

When all friends join yours hosted game then click on start.

The game is started! Enjoy with fellows.

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