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PhotoScape is a free photo-editing application packed with features and tools that anyone serious about editing will want to check out. While it can’t match Photoshop, PhotoScape Free is almost as good as any other free photo editor.

What is PhotoScape?

Despite its not eye-catching appearance, PhotoScape Online performs much better than some of the other Photoshop alternatives.

PhotoScape Online Free Download
PhotoScape is a free photo editing program that has all the necessary features and tools

Features of PhotoScape

Free photo editor with lots of potential

PhotoScape is a great free photo editor that will provide users with valuable tools and features to enhance and edit photos. While PhotoScape doesn’t offer the same flexibility as Photoshop, it has a ton of cool settings.

Is PhotoScape a Good Alternative to Photoshop?

Whether PhotoScape is suitable for editing your images depends on what you want to do or the level of professionalism you require with the result. If you need the appeal and creativity of layers, you may find PhotoScape a bit lacking.

However, if you want to do basic edits and have fun with your photos in your spare time, then PhotoScape is a great choice. It allows you to enjoy editing, is not too complicated, and is easy to navigate.

However, that doesn’t mean PhotoScape can’t produce a professional-looking image – it will just take a while to get there, as PhotoScape can’t be as fast as the paid version.

There are no layers, but PhotoScape is still a great app

When people discuss photo editing apps, one of the first questions that arise is about layers. Since Photoshop is such a great app (and Photoshop has layers), it’s often considered the norm for editing apps.

However, the truth is that many of us don’t need layers when editing photos. If you think you don’t need them, PhotoScape is a great place to start. It has a hands-on approach that allows you to change a photo completely.

Unlike another alternative, Picsart is more aimed at realistic photo editing than creating exciting images to share online. If you are looking for a free photo editing app, then PhotoScape should be your first stop.


  • Great editing features
  • Good admin features
  • Offers a lot of power in one free app
  • Very suitable for certain users


  • No layers
  • The interface is a bit old.

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