How to Get the Code People Play Three Kingdoms

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Many titles take the characters or plot of the epic novel Play Three Kingdoms. Some examples are Tan OMG3Q, Famous Generals 3Q, Tam Quoc Origin, Tam Quoc Truyen Ky… with many different playing styles.

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People Playing Three Kingdoms is also a new game with tactical turn-based general play. Designed in the style of famous generals in the Three Kingdoms combined with a modern style of “cool” people playing according to the name Dan Play Three Kingdoms.

PvP, PvE, overcome, upgrade generals… are regularly happening in the game for gamers to discover the content in the game.

And like many other mobile games, People Play Three Kingdoms also has rewards from gift codes and in-game events. Here’s how to get the code of People Playing Three Kingdoms and how to enter the code.

People play Three Kingdoms code and how to enter

Step 1: First, visit the link to receive the code of People Playing Three Kingdoms below and log in to the account you are playing the game on.

Link to receive code People plays Three Kingdoms.

In the All tab, you will find the active game codes. Along with that are the events taking place in the game at the game’s Facebook Fan page.

Step 2: The Code of People Playing Three Kingdoms will be changed, and you will be redirected to the Change Code interface. You can choose the server and the character you want to receive from the gift code People Play Three Kingdoms and then click Continue.

A successful gift receipt message will appear, and the reward from the gift code will be added directly to your inventory.

To check the reward received from the gift code, go to the Items section at the game’s main interface.

The giftcodes in the Three Kingdoms Player will have a time limit, so you need to redeem them before they expire in terms of time or the number of players receiving the code.

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