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How to Hack Pokemon Go, but First Smart Review! By the years Pokemon Go turns into Big, historic, world pandemic event with players searching around with a smartphone. And becoming a master of small, but cute little monsters. The Pokémon Company release this product in good time and looking for it since 1998.

Created by the developer behind Google’s experimental AR game ingress – Niantic Inc build a multiplayer. And kind of spin-off from RP fantasy series. But, how do Pokemon Go works? How pokemon go hack ios works? We will check it in the next paragraph.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

So if you have a camera in your own smartphone and GPS signal, you are a joyful force to walking around and explore streets of the real world. While walking players or so call-trainers are greeted with bits of grass close to Pokémon’s presence.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Walk close and they will appear tapping on them so they will make a Pokébattle. Want to be a Pokémon trainer? Download the app and be one. With our pokemon go android hack and pokemon go hack iOS you will find the best spot and get it!

Little More About The Past And Future of Pokemon Go

Pokémon go encourages millennials people to go outside and take a quick run for one of the little monsters. The game itself is a landmark experiment in the virtual-reality game industry. Somebody wants brings memories back from the 90s and put them into our boots and heads again. Nice try. And it works.

Poke-hype explodes within thousands of players playing day-after-day. In the early stages, the game crashed with high frequency and slow response in some areas with weak cell signals and strain on the phone’s battery.

There was another problem like poor tutorials and mechanic explanations, user interface and much more. But now as time goes it improves and working better. But still, sometimes you can find problems.

Also, a tutorial isn’t satisfying and for the most part, you have to know what’s going on. What is stardust and why it’s in inventory? What are candies requisite for pokemon – they need to „Power Up”.

Experience of not proper explanation can make you feel a little lost. But as time goes it should be and is – better.

The Core mechanic of Pokemon Go Franchise

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

There are two kinds of battles. Those with wild Pokemon and against Gym Leaders. Quick mini-games and fast using your own fingers flicking pokeballs on-screen and colored rings pulsing. Do you hear a green ring? It might mean you easily caught Pokemon, yellow could mean moderate. For one example Gym battlers seem to must just little screen-tapic.

The real fun is to find some of the Pokemon in wonder-place. Like between grass of the local neighborhoods or their basement. Historic places?

Journey beyond your own street can bring rare Pokemon types and you can gain Pokestops, Pokemastr-proxy offering items like Pokeballs and Health Potions. Pokestops are not that rare, they can be found in museums, parks or many other places. Be careful.

Sometimes you can cross the line and break a law. Common sense should be in the first place while playing Pokemon Go. The same thing is for generating currency in our pokemon go hack ios and pokemon go android hack.

Another nice feature of trading Pokemon – group battles aren’t changed that much but the game still has it. This is viral and countless players still go outside exploring not that much virtual world landmarks, dive into water or kayak into the middle of the lake..the ways of gaining it are countless.

Its a matter of great, reasonable structure put on this software. A new audience of early adopters and late adopters are history. Now laggards coming into this space. It’s so popular and still gives you joy. But’s Pokemon Go idea is something else.

It’s a glimpse into the future reality of a brand. Now you have it on your smartphone, but the next generation of these space-based games could explode very soon.

Download Pokemon Go Latest Version By the Link Below:

Pokemon Go – Can Be Revolution in the future?

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

As you living in a populated area, collecting Pokemons won’t be that hard. Capture these critters are kind of throwing motion and forward swipe toward your target. Trap them like that! So you have to move a catch almost always unique pokemon.

Outweigh your friends by height, weight, move-set and all other factors going to gym fight.

Timing is needed while attacking or dodging – statistics determine the effectiveness of offensive moves. And taking hits from enemies. The many nuances of attacks and dodges can be learned from trial and sharing experiences with players on the public. You can figure out game mechanics by doing it. Building a social relationship and play together make it powerful.

The special thing is that no one pokemon is exclusive to the first player who captures it. You have an opportunity and other people as well. The interesting question is – that developers make Pokemon Go meaningful for our health.

Should fat-asses move for their own pokemon? No problem. 10 or 15 kilometers by bike? Got you! Run, bike or walk for your own monster! I hope the developers make it more and more cardio-like exercises in the near future. Or learn to drive a car catching your own pokemon.

Bugs and Problems with Pokemon Go?

 Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Sometimes bugs and security issues happened. Crashes can be irritating during capturing a monster. GPS reconnected while taking screenshots or gym opponents invincible? It is not that bad as in the past. They improve software month by month. Frustration sometimes comes along but the effect can be incredible!

On the other way battery consumption is high (even turning off AR camera) it’s still possible to drain old smartphones. External kind of battery will be your best bet! Let’s go to the most important part of our review of Pokemon Go Hack for android or ios. Spending money. The game shop gives you optional items collection.

They can accelerate the monster collecting process. What we offer for Pokemon Gold Hack and Pokemon balls Hack which gives you full ability to gain your monsters much faster. With no spending money at all. So summing – a game is worthy of your attention.

Even if the pokemon go pandemic and craziness will be gone, the product marks the first steps of revolution. Even with bugs, high battery consumption games provide full fan package all the way down wherever you are. So lets sum how to hack Pokemon go with our tool below.

3 Easy Steps To Get Pokemon Go Hack iOS

Let’s talk about How to Get Pokemon Go Hack iOS or Pokemon Go android hack? It’s not that simple as it looks. Most of the websites out there spam you with content with fake generators and offers in it. Really reliable tools like ours are rare.

So what we can offer you is a great feature with working Free and with wifi protection. No root and No jailbreak needed. The only thing you need to do is choose safe options and click Connect and Generate. Pokemon

Go walking hack and Pokemon Go GPS hack works almost on all devices from iOS to Android. 3 easy steps to get Pokemon Go Hack iOS

Hack Game
Hack Game

+ Choose Device and Hack

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+ Wait a Few Seconds with the generation process

  • It’s that simple!
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Pokemon Go Hack Generator will separate you from other players. Both, Pokeballs and PokeGold Hack from one simple click of the button.

Isn’t it easy? Free Solution for nothing. Instantly generate PokeBalls and PokeGold.The process is fully automatic. Just check your Device is ON-line and the Game is ON.

+ Upgraded Regularly

The System is regularly Updated and Upgrades. As Pokemon Go Company go strictly to rules, we have to find ways to make solution working all the time.

Our apk has in-build all kinds of weaponry for protecting users from being banned or losing Pokemon. The tool never crashes and working properly all the time.

+ User-Friendly

Free GPS processing for Pokemon Go goes smooth and fast. Also, Free PokeGold and PokeBalls are generated with ease.

Our system detects your device via wi-fi and connect. Then it generates a chosen amount of Resources like Gold or Balls or hacks GPS for pokemon go.

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Execution is a process of milliseconds. Smooth and professional loading gives you Resources right from hand. Please check it out on iOS and Android as well Table.

Pokémon Go – How to play effectively, tips and tricks

After downloading Pokemon Go and installing it, it is useful to tell you what tips and tricks will make your game easier and more efficient. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to delve even more into the game and enjoy Pokemon Go to the fullest.

Play Game
Play Game

Color circles

Before you can catch each Pokémon, a pulsating circle of different colors appears around them. The color can tell how difficult it will be to catch a Pokémon.

  • The green circle around the pokemon indicates that you will not have the slightest trouble catching it.
  • A yellow-colored circle indicates that catching a pokemon will be a bit more difficult, but still hassle-free.
  • The orange circle is a greater challenge for all Pokémon masters.
  • The red circle indicates that catching a pokemon is extremely difficult, but still possible.


Pokeball, the object you need to catch a pokemon, be sure to save. For each level, you get around 15 Pokeball, but if you catch more demanding pokemon, it is possible that you miss them. If you are not fast enough, you may lose Pokeball.

How can you prevent the loss of Pokeball? Once you know it is wrong, try to click on Pokeball as quickly as possible to get it back. But if you are not fast enough, you will simply lose it.

Where to look for pokemon

Pokémons are literally all around you. Of course, in areas with a greater concentration of people, you will find more, but the fact that you encounter a pokemon in the middle of the field is by no means excluded. So it’s up to you where you want to go for a walk.

Keep in mind that pokemon also respond to the time of day or your location. If you want to catch water pokemon, the chances of catching it are logically near the water, lake or pond.


When you encounter a Pokemon egg and place it in the incubator, you must wait until it hatches. To speed up the process, but you have to walk, walk and walk. Based on the distance traveled, the pokemon gradually hatches.

Of course, you can catch your favorite pokemon on the way in public transport, but watch out! The distance you travel cannot be counted into the incubator. Only honestly or accrued steps are counted.

Here comes one but. Unfortunately, in order to add steps to the incubation period, you must have both the game and display on. This will not save the flashlight too much.

How to save battery when playing Pokémon

Our last tip is to focus on the battery. This will be the main limitation in Pokémon Go. Therefore, it is recommended to control the display brightness manually and not leave the automatic level. This is often unnecessarily bright, manually adjusting the brightness to a minimum bearable level.

Turn off as many background apps you don’t need, and get a power bank if you actually failed Pokemon Go.

So much for basic Pokemon Go tips. And one more important thing – remember that you are playing in the real world, so pay attention to your surroundings – as Medojed talks about in his mini-review!

Pokémon Go online download

How to download and install Pokémon Go on your mobile

The game Pokémon Go was released by Niantic, causing considerable madness. However, it has published the game for individual countries and has been gradually publishing it. Our small Central European country, the Czech Republic, did not get officially at first, but since 16.7.2016 it is possible to install the game without special.apk packages, which had to be used before the official launch of the application on Google Play. Currently supported platforms are Android and iOS. Windows Mobile is not yet supported, and we’ll see if it ever will.

Pokémon Go for Android

As described above, Pokémon is officially available on Google Play in the Czech Republic on July 16, 2016. Now you can download Pokémon Go without risk and special packages.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Go – now you can open the app and start playing!

Pokémon Go for iOS – iPhone

Even the App Store was not released until July 16, 2016, Pokémon Go application for the Czech Republic. It was, therefore, necessary to establish an American Apple ID.

Now, however, you can download Pokémon Go on the App Store without any problems, as you would with all official apps. After installation, you can immediately start looking for Pokémon.

Here are download links for each platform:

Pokémon Go Android

Pokemon Go iOS

Pokémon Go – getting started with the app

We have successfully finished the installation, now you need to get into the secrets of the game so that you can enjoy it at full speed. First of all, you have to create an account and create a character.

Account and character creation

The best way to set up an account is to link it to a Google Account. This prevents you from losing progress in the game if you lose your phone or replace your old phone with a new one. Once you have set up an account, you can customize your character to represent you in Pokémon Go. You choose the look, but also the name.

Once you have set up an account, a customized character as you imagine, you can start playing and hunting Pokémon. In the beginning, you have the opportunity to catch one of the three pokemon – leafy Bulbasaur, fiery Charmander or water squirt. To catch your Pokémon, you throw free Pokeball at him and Pokemon is yours.

Hunt and walk

Pokemon Go combines reality and plays together. You just have to walk in the streets and hunt for the pokemon that appears in your area. In order to catch a Pokémon, you must own a free Pokeball that you earn for Levels procedures.

You can see tracks in the lower right corner. They show how far a Pokémon is from you. One track shows that a pokemon is from you what you would negotiate with a Pokeball, three tracks mean you have to walk a little more than you encounter a pokemon.

In addition, Pokemon Go has plenty of interactive features to keep you walking, doing business all the time. Occasionally, the app will cause the grass to flood around you. This means you should go to this place. Why? There may be a pokemon that you can catch and add to your collection.

Animation or reality

To make your gaming experience truly the best, you can catch real-life pokemon. If the Pokémon is near you and you can catch it, the game will switch to “catch” mode. In it, you will see a pokemon you have found and you can catch. Take advantage of augmented reality by taking pictures of your surroundings with your mobile camera, and the Pokémon is set exactly in the area you are in. In order to save the flashlight, data, but also to better catch the Pokémon, it is better to hunt in the classic animated mode.

Map around you, Pokestop and Gym

Go Pokemon
Go Pokemon

The map you see on the screen is extremely important to monitor. You will find everything essential you need to know. Let’s describe the map.

The first important point on the map is Pokestop. These “rest areas”, if we call them, are in places of interest near you. These places can be various churches, chapels and the like. What does Pokestop do? You can get various gifts that you would otherwise have to buy using microtransactions.

Another feature that the map has is visiting the Gym, an arena to fight other pokemon. The function of the gym is more extensive, so we will discuss it in another article.

The last important point on the map is the Pokémon itself, which you must hunt to advance to the next levels and become a real master in Pokemon Go.

So much for the basic interaction with the game. You started to enjoy it and want to know more? See also other tips, tricks, and important features of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go – how to find and conquer the gym

In Pokémon Go, it’s not just about finding and catching as many Pokémon as possible. At a more advanced level of the game, you can turn the best pokemon into a team with which you will conquer the gym (actually a dueling stadium) that you can occupy if you win.

How to play Pokémon Go gym

Fights in the gym are only possible from level 5. After 21 hours you will receive a reward in the form of coins and bonus stardust for the occupied gymnasium. Of course, the more remote it is, the better your chances are that the pokemon you leave here as the stadium guard will last longer. More gyms = more rewards, it pays to work with players around your gym and defend it (and of course others) together.

In the fight for the gym itself, the basic tactic is to click on the enemy pokemon until you can shoot him down. At the same time, you try to avoid his attacks. The whole procedure of a successful fight for the gym is more complicated and we will certainly return to it in detailed instructions.

Meanwhile, you can see how one of the fighters occupies enemy territory – it is not the ultimate guide to conquering the gym, but you will have some fun (gym 😀). This time Putt has no chance. Excuse the poor quality of the recording, the next time you might be able to record it in landscape mode … 🙂

Pokémon Go trailer – Mark Wahlberg in a new role!

Its Time To Go
Its Time To Go

Once it had to come. Pokémon Go mania is just at the beginning and Hollywood is already fighting for the right to shoot the biggest box office blockbuster – a thriller about Pokémon! Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, and others are a guarantee of gambling success.

It’ll be really cool. Mark Wahlberg starring a story in which you’ll find everything. Jon Brown (Mark Wahlberg) first loses his beloved daughter, who loses her life while playing intense Pokémon Go, a phenomenon that is conquering the world.

But that’s just the beginning – Jon Brown is in the wheel of events that threaten the destruction of the human race, and it is up to him if he manages to save humanity from the Pokémon threat and defeat the new animal species once and for all.

Is it serious, and will we soon go to the cinemas for a new movie, or are they making fun of Pokemon even in Hollywood? Check out the official movie trailer and judge for yourself 🙂

Download Pokemon Go
Download Pokemon Go

Check out other tips and tricks on how to play Pokemon Go.

Free-to-play model and microtransaction

That the Pokemon publisher does not earn anything when the game is available for free? That’s not quite true. Players who want to gain an advantage over others or have a pack of Pokémons right from the start can use so-called microtransactions. In short, for real money, they buy gold and invest it in the game. They unlock different options faster, but for some, it’s an unwelcome auxiliary crutch. Very strictly, it is a form of cheating.

Caution is definitely needed

Download Pokemon Go
Download Pokemon Go

When playing, pay close attention to the world around you. For example, there is a traffic accident caused by an inattentive player, for example, when crossing a road. Even on a pedestrian crossing that can be placed dream Pokémon, the game does not distinguish much. It is, therefore, necessary to be very careful, although it is true that it is easy to say and harder to realize – the game is as addictive as possible, perhaps thanks to the great gameplay and simple learning of newcomers. Catchy RPG elements will please everyone, the challenge in the form of a long walk around the city or in the adjacent woods is also interesting.

And what does the fight look like? Tactics do not solve too much, it will be easier to just click through the opponent, as was the case with older video games. There are dozens of different attacks to choose from. And as well as those who have watched the eponymous series or played previous versions of Nintendo games, Pokémon offers extensive possibilities in this respect. Grass, electric, flying, water or other Pokémon is just a pleasure to choose. You can catch 151 species so far, but extending the base version is a matter of weeks for developers.

Here’s how to install the game – Download Pokémon Go

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