7 Ways PUBG Doesn’t Lag, Try These Steps| PUBG Mobile Lag fix Permanently

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PUBG Mobile Lag phone specifications affect the comfort of playing the video game Player Unknown Battleground Mobile or PUBG. Besides needing a high-spec HP so that PUBG doesn’t lag, is there any other way for PUBG not to lag?

PUBG Mobile Lag are usually caused by device specifications that do not meet the minimum requirements for installing game applications. Although early last month, game developer Tencent had launched the latest version of PUBG, which is more device-friendly, players spend more space-saving the game on their phones.

But there’s no need to worry, and there are various ways PUBG doesn’t lag that can be done. Here’s how PUBG doesn’t lag, as summarized from various sources.

1. Clear Trash in Cache

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The way PUBG doesn’t lag is to clean the cache in the cache regularly. Cache serves to make applications work faster.

It’s just that too much cache stack slows down HP’s work. How to clear cache is through the App menu or App Manager. Look for the PUBG Mobile icon, then click it to clear the cache.

2. Turn off Background Apps

Turning off background applications while playing PUBG can ease the mobile device’s work to reduce lag. The trick is to open the Application Manager settings menu on the cellphone.

Then select the application that runs in the background but is not needed, for example, in Google’s default application. Click Force Stop to turn off background apps.

3. Setting PUBG so that it doesn’t lag with the GFX Tool

The following way PUBG doesn’t lag is to set the settings using the GFX Tool. GFX Tool can be downloaded on the Play Store for android users. This application serves to reduce lag and improve performance. In addition, GFX Tool also increases the FPS of the game.

Thus, stunning graphics can still be obtained even though the RAM on the cellphone is only 2 GB. For that, select the type of graphic smooth or so smooth to get prime image quality through the GFX Tool. After that, click disable on the anti-aliasing menu in the GFX Tool settings so that PUBG looks smoother and doesn’t lag.

If the above method still can’t make the PUBG game run smoothly, try the following method so that PUBG doesn’t crash, reported from support.pubg.com.

4. Close Applications That Consume Internet Network

Applications that use more bandwidth will cause lag when you play PUBG. Check your computer and close unused programs.

5. Temporarily Disable Firewall

Firewalls or antiviruses can cause interference with the PUBG network connection. Temporarily turn off the firewall. 

6. Low FPS

Setting the FPS to a low setting not only minimizes lagging issues but also keeps the phone from getting too hot.

7. Latest Software Updates

Update the software for both the PUBG game application and the operating system of your mobile device.  

That’s how PUBG doesn’t lag. Good luck and enjoy the game.

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