QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

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QooApp is an app that enables you to enter Japanese games and comics and download them over your device so that thee may act them or see them.


  • License
  • Free of charge

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

  • Communication
  • Android

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

  • Update day
  • 04/08/2021

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

  • Publisher
  • QooApp

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

  • Downloads
  • < 100

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store

  • Capacity
  • 20 MB

What is QooApp?

QooApp APK is an app that lets you access Japanese manga and games and then download them to your device to play or read later.

Features of QooApp

An easy way to play exclusive Japanese games

QooApp Free Download works a bit like the GOG.com downloader or the Steam platform, but it’s laid out and presented visually just like Google Play. Gain access to, purchase, and download games available around the world and exclusive to Japan.

You can buy and play Japanese anime games, including old ones, and even many new games released in Japan before they’re released worldwide.

Think of QooApp Download for PC like a Google Play app, except that it focuses on popular games in Japan. Also, this app works on consoles, mobile devices, and PCs, while Google Play is mobile-only.

QooApp APK Download Free for PC |Bluestacks| Game Store
QooApp is an application that allows access to Japanese games and manga

A simple but effective gaming app

QooApp APK provides a suitable method to access Japanese games (anime). However, even though there’s no evidence that the app itself isn’t secure, it’s still possible for you to accidentally download unsafe games and malware through the app. That’s why some people wonder when accessing or downloading QooApp.

If you’re worried about the possibility of malware, then you can avoid the QooApp app and create a Japanese Google Play account and use that instead. You can use Google Translate to translate what you see.

As a standalone app, QooApp is a good choice for downloading and playing Japanese games.


  • Easy access to Japanese and Anime games
  • Works on PC, mobile and console
  • A selection of the most popular games like Steam
  • Grant access to old games like GOG.com


  • The manga is only in Japanese
  • Applications in the library have not been tested for stability
  • Many games are only for consoles
  • Apps in the library are not checked for malware

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