What Does The Future Of Self-Driving Look Like In The Middle East?

Stemming from its leading position in the automotive market, as the exclusive distributor of Nissan, Infiniti, and Renault cars in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for more than 36 years of Self-Driving, Al Masaood Automobiles has been working to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including individuals, companies, and government entities.

Using the idea of Technological innovation as a corporate culture and work methodology ensures that it continues to provide the best services to clients and keep pace with the conversion in the world of driving and the automotive market.

In this article, Irfan Cancel, CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, accords his thought. On making a complete and actual difference within the automotive sector. In line with the future requirements, in light of the emergence of electric cars, smart mobility, and self-driving vehicles.

Cancel, a general practice of more than 40 years, is recognized as an advanced and essential figure in the automotive area.

Which changed him to be one of the “Top 100 CEOs in the Middle East” according to “Forbes” magazine, and in the list of

“ The Top 100 Inspirational Managers in the Middle East, published by the “Arabian Business” magazine, in addition to existing chosen as the “Best CEO of the Year” by CEO Magazine.

It is no secret to any follower of the technology sector, that it is witnessing the tremendous acceleration it is catching, especially with the start of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, in various aspects of life,

In addition to the spread of self-driving technologies that are expected to dominate the transportation sector around the world in the future.

Let’s look at the field of self-driving vehicles in the past few years. We will find a lot of momentum and investment, led by tech giants such as Google and Tesla. The former is seeking to provide a fully autonomous option that can go on the roads soon.

Tesla is gradually releasing some self-driving capabilities to owners of its cars via AutoPilot. Its ultimate goal is to enable fully autonomous driving shortly.

Even the famous Uber company began exploring this technology like Mini Militia God Mod in the past years before selling its self-driving division to another company in late 2020.

With the development of autonomous driving technologies and the acceleration of innovations in this field. Some developed countries have begun to explore the prospects of these technologies. And how to benefit from them in serving citizens, and the UAE is a pioneer in developing infrastructure—and harnessing technologies to improve the quality of life.

In terms of self-driving technology, it has surpassed countries such as the United Kingdom and Denmark and is one of the top ten countries open to self-driving.

This trend is part of the UAE’s goals to improve air purity and reduce carbon emissions by 2030.

Autonomous driving reduces resource consumption

Research indicates that the number of vehicles on UAE roads at peak hours reaches 3 million. The application of self-driving technologies and artificial intelligence is expected to enhance efficiency in resource consumption and reduce traffic jams or Mini Militia Hack APK.

It reveals studies from research institutions (BCG) and (HSG) that the application of self-driving technology. Can contribute to easing traffic by 4% and consumption of energy resources by 12%, reducing transportation costs by 13%.

Self-driving organization

What Does The Future Of Self-Driving Look Like In The Middle East?

As with any new technology, many problems can arise, and in the case of self-driving, the risks are more significant because it concerns people’s lives.

For this reason, it is necessary to enact strict legislation and provide comprehensive insurance. That respects all safety standards, according to a study from Neckermann. To reduce risks as much as possible and ensure the safety of people inside vehicles and on the roads.

Undoubtedly, this self-driving technology will revolutionize all sectors – especially the automotive sector – and reduce fuel consumption. But transforming self-driving into a daily reality requires ensuring its efficiency.

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