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Top 10 Screen Recording Software helps you record tasks, events, and actions happening on your computer screen. When we see a considerable rise in YouTubers, digital gurus and gamers, screen recording becomes a must.

In fact, there are many Softwares through which you can record screen video, some of them are paid, and others are free, and both of them have their features. Still, not all of these Softwares are good, so our goal in this article was to highlight the best among them through a list of the ten 10 top best screen recording Softwares for PC, Which you can now use on Windows.

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This article will learn about the best video screen capture program for the computer for various uses, and the video industry has become one of the most profitable and widespread industries these days. 

You can create video content by Top 10 Screen Recording Software and then modifying it through any graphic design Softwares and putting it on the Internet, and among the content Spread on the Internet is the content of the explanation or review; Any computer screen recording while doing something that needs to be explained on the Internet or making reviews of famous games, 

for example, so we will review in this topic the best screen recording program for the computer with a summary of the features and characteristics of each program and the download link from the official website.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software. Videos are excellent tools for providing lessons and explanations in different areas. For example, they can explain step-by-step processes in a tutorial, show other people the software, record tips and tricks for later reference, record specific product reviews, and more.

Software Support Platform Salient features Defect 
OBS Studio Windows, MacOS. 

Streaming and HD recording.

Takes a long time to set up.

CamtasiaWindows, MacOS. Diverse editing tools, many unique effects The interface is not professional and scientific. 
FlashBack ExpressWindows

Integrated video editor.

No editing tools.

Debut Video CaptureMacOS. 

Capture devices such as security cameras.

Not many features like video editing, can’t export recordings directly to social networks.


Not only is the screen recording very good, but using ShareX software to capture the static screen is also great

Can’t shoot games.

Screencast-O-Matic Windows, MacOS, Android, iOSBuilt-in editing tools to change some output values ​​for videos.Limited video recording time: 15 minutes
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Windows, Online Convert WMVs to AVI, MP4, FLV, SWFThe interface is quite old and not intuitive yet. 
captivateWindows, MacOS, Android, iOSCreate videos with studio-like HD qualityA bit difficult to use for beginners. 
Movavi Screen Recorder StudioWindows, MacOS. Record webinars, online tutorials, and other educational videos.The output video quality is not outstanding. 
Icecream Screen RecorderWindows, MacOS, Android, iOSSupport easy screen recording and capture. The quality and video are not impressive. 

Top 10 Screen Recording Software can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft or PUBG, recreate scenes from movies and shoot music videos in simulation games like The Sims.

Most screen recording software shares several features, such as the ability to:

  • Film in Picture Capture video from your screen and webcam.
  • Editing and commenting on the video after filming it.
  • Create videos in a variety of commonly used file types, such as AVI, MOV, MP4…
  • Upload completed videos to YouTube, post them on web pages or social media, and upload them to e-learning courses.

Do you want to record and capture the screen? In this article, you will find a comparison of the best computer screen recording software (both free and paid)

  • While different screen capture tools vary in price and functionality, most of them share several features, such as:
  • Adjustable video frame
  • Cut and paste editing options
  • Unlimited recording time

Here is our 2021 list of the top 11 screen recording software.

1. OBS Studio

OBS  Video screen recording software is ideal for live broadcasting, desktop video recording and software. You can record in various resolutions and save in a variety of video formats to broadcast recordings on social platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch and Facebook Live.

It is a powerful open-source computer screen recording. It lives broadcasting program that can create scenes composed of multiple sources: images, text, screenshots, webcams and more and then seamlessly switch between them via custom transitions. Unlike many other free programs, this program has a lot of features. And settings.

It also allows you to record games in full-screen mode with customizable hotkeys to control the recording, and the recording speed can reach 60 frames per second or higher. Not only that, but you also get an impressive set of visual filters along with an audio mixer.

You can download this screen recording software for PC completely free of charge without any restrictions.

If you are looking for the best free video screen capture software for PC, this is the program you are looking for, as OBS Studio is the best free tool available in this field. The program is exceptional, especially for video game enthusiasts. Through the program, you can record your desktop in high-quality HD with an entire space. One of its advantages is that you can directly broadcast on gaming sites or YouTube while trying online games through this program without using programs other.

  • You can record and save videos and return them later to edit them, as it is an exceptional tool and does not consume a lot of device resources while working, and it is entirely free. Moreover, there are no restrictions on its use, as well as the program is open source and supports all operating systems such as Windows 10 as well as Windows 8 / 8.1 Plus Linux and Mac, and you can use it on Windows 7, but you must use the program version number 24.
  • You can download the OBS Software. Then, watch a practical explanation of the program from the video above to learn how to adjust its settings properly and use it on a computer.

The most essential features of the OBS program

  • Completely free and supports Arabic language
  • Full control over video and audio quality and frame count
  • Provides the ability to make a live broadcast from a pre-recorded video
  • You can use it to do a live broadcast on YouTube | Facebook | Twitch
  • It has a special mode for computer screen recording for video games

Best free Computer Screen Recording Software


  • It allows you to set up multiple scenes and use different sources
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Does not add program tag to clip
  • There is no limit to registration
  • Supports multiple streaming services


  • Some users find the interface too difficult
  • The steep learning curve for non-techies
  • It has been reported to stop often
  • Not suitable for express registration 

2. TalkHelper Screen Recorder

TalkHelper screen capture software offers you an easy way to capture any area of ​​your desktop screen, either as a still image or video file, with which you can record video tutorials, webinars or even game broadcasts.

TalkHelper is very reliable as it can even capture more than one screen; this scenario can come up when you have more than one screen connected to your Windows PC.

3. EzVid

EzVid screen recording software is one of the best free screen recording software. It comes with fantastic video editor tools and has a modern interface coupled with a very high definition.

It’s a screen recorder and video editor that integrates essential screen recording tools with a simple user interface that makes beginners feel comfortable and allows you to upload videos directly to YouTube. You can also get a selection of music tracks with the ability to synthesize human speech from text and drawing while recording.

This computer screen capture software has many professional features for audio recording, face camera, screen drawing, speed control; in one click, you can record your screen and capture everything that appears on your computer screen: web pages, games, apps, maps and a lot of other software.

Screen recording software for PC Ezvid:

Ezvid is a free video and screen recording software. Ezvid’s web page claims to use your computer’s processing power to speed up your screen recording and video editing capabilities. Although Ezvid files can be uploaded to sites like YouTube, it is more compatible with their Wiki,, which promotes itself as the world’s first exclusive video Wiki.


  • It can record the screen with audio and video.
  • It includes a good video editor.
  • The site claims that you can create a professional-looking video in minutes (instead of hours).
  • Auto HD Resolution (1280 x 720p HD)
  • Stylish and modern interface
  • Instant upload to YouTube


  • You need at least 10GB of free hard disk space, which might be a lot for older devices.
  • Some users online are complaining that the software is slow.
  • There is no paid version of Ezvid. However, the developers encourage you to donate anywhere from $9.00 to $250.00.
  • Reviewers reported strange noises
  • Minor errors and inconsistencies

It is claimed to be the easiest screen recorder in the world, and that may not be far from the truth as its clarity is enhanced by the speed of the product: it is specially designed to save users time, and you can upload the recordings directly to YouTube in a matter of minutes.

4. Tiny Take

You can download  Tiny Take screen recording software for free, which helps you capture videos of your screen activity and share them on social networking sites.

Tiny Take lets you record short videos and take screenshots with great ease; although not ideal for gaming at all, it comes with bulk file sharing features, built-in online viewers, and up to 2GB of space to store and share your clips.

The free version is suitable for personal use, but the full paid version will be more suitable for companies and business users.

TinyTake Screen Recorder software:

TinyTake claims to be the best free screen capture and video recording software. The program allows you to shoot a video of your computer screen, comment on it and share it on social media. TinyTake is simple, free and rich in features; however, many features are only available with the paid options.

TinyTake Free Video Recorder

It is an advanced screen recorder that allows you to take photos and videos from your computer screen, add comments, share them with others in minutes, and include an online cloud-based gallery where all screenshots can be stored.


  • The software can be used for free but with limited features.
  • You can add graphics from your device to annotate photos and videos.
  • The built-in interface is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Files can be shared 
  • Public URL is available for sharing
  • Built-in online file viewer for all files
  • Allows you to create custom hotkeys
  • The video player is compatible with mobile devices


  • The free version is minimal.
  • There is no free version for commercial use.
  • Prices for TinyTake range from $9.95 per year for a one-week, $29.95 per year for a Standard plan, up to $199.95 per year for a Business plan. Thus, it is expensive.
  • Lots of ads and promotions.
  • The free version has a limit of 5 minutes to sign up 
  • The clip is saved in MP4 format only
  • Limited editing features

5. Camtasia

Camtasia helps you record professional videos of your PC activities with absolute ease, with a suite of editing tools that range in everything like cursor effects, animations, custom dimension, transitions and many more.

You can import HD videos in your recordings from an external source and finally share your finished product on social media.

Camtasia Studio for Screen Record and Video

Camtasia Studio is one of the best programs available in this field. Although this program is a well-known editing Software, it provides a CamRecorder tool that comes with the program by default to capture the computer screen.

In addition, the program has a set of features, you can use it to record the screen in different video formats and resolutions up to 1080P, as well as you can photograph yourself during the explanation and integrate camera imaging with screen shooting, in addition to the ability to edit the video and purify the audio to the highest degree and add tags and captions to the video and video introductions Multiple audio and video tracks.

  • The program also has a library of exclusive excellent audio clips, as well as video intros that you can use freely in video production. The program also supports green background mode (chroma) to add distinctive backgrounds to the video and other great features.

With Camtasia, you can record professional videos of computer screen activity with minimal effort. In addition to recording videos, Camtasia also allows you to import HD video to recording from an external source. Furthermore, Camtasia is unique in that it can create interactive videos with clickable links to create dynamic video content suitable for use in the classroom or workplace.

It is a feature-packed tool for lovers of detail. It allows you to record video and audio one by one and combine results afterwards. It is flexible in terms of using animations and effects. What distinguishes it from other programs is that it allows creating and adding quizzes in recordings.


  • Records on multiple videos and audio tracks.
  • Provides a green screen effect to make the recorded video appear as part of the action.
  • It’s easy to integrate animated elements, such as callouts and text.
  • Free application available to record videos on mobile devices and transfer them to Camtasia for editing.
  • 60fps video export (Camtasia 2018 and later).
  • Includes a webcam
  • Audio, video and cursor tracks can be edited separately
  • Imports all file formats
  • Adds captions, callouts, and quizzes to your recordings
  • Having a library of music and sound effects without copyright


  • The trial version of the full software is free for only 30 days
  • Users are prohibited from creating videos for commercial purposes when using the free version.
  • The price for the paid version is $249.00. It is a high price.
  • One of the most expensive screen recording software
  • The multi-track interface is busy

6. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a  free, easy-to-use screen capture software that allows you to record any area of ​​the screen or save it as a screen widget. You can record apps, games, video tutorials, webinars, live broadcasts, Skype calls and much more; you can record screen with audio and webcam with a toolkit Distinctive and clean user interface.

It helps you take screenshots in different resolutions and save them in multiple formats with the ability to upload them to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Icecream Screen Recorder to record screen audio and video

– Another free program that can be used to record the computer screen easily; through the program, you can add different effects to the video such as text, arrows, and various signs with the ability to zoom in on specific areas during filming, as well as to record from the camera and merging it with the video and many other features, the program has With a simple and easy-to-use interface with all the necessary tools for professional video shooting and production. IceCream Screen Recorder is one of the Top 10 Screen Recording Software

– You can select a part of the screen for shooting with a tool panel that can be used during video shooting, which includes making arrows, taking snapshots while shooting, writing texts, and others, with the ability to add a watermark and share files through your account in any cloud storage sites, and also supports 3D video recording, It is available on Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Mac as well as Android phones.

Icecream Screen Recorder:

With Icecream Screen Recorder, you can record any area of ​​your screen either as a screenshot or as a video recording. The program provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a set of tools and options to use when capturing the screen. You can use Icecream Screen Recorder to create professional-looking videos of seminars, games, and Skype chats.


  • Draw, select or add arrows and text to the recorded video.
  • Webcam video recording with screen recording.
  • The possibility of enlarging a screenshot on the screen during recording.
  • Multiple screenshots can be set on the timer.


  • Only 10 minutes of registration time in the free version.
  • Limited video format in the free version.
  • The length of recorded videos is limited.
  • Support is limited.

7. Bandicam Screen Recorder

By downloading  Bandicam screen recording software, you can record your computer screen, gameplay, and even content captured from external devices such as XBOX or Playstation.

It’s more than good enough for all kinds of purposes, including adding logos for branding and animated mouse effects, and it doesn’t result in any frame rate loss.

8. CamStudio

 CamStudio video screen recording software can record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create high-quality AVI video files.

It is entirely free to use – open source and a good choice for those who are not looking for awe-inspiring features and have minimal registration needs, easy to use and can be learned within a few minutes due to the help files included in it. This   screen capture software

Can add high-quality screen captions to your recordings in seconds. With its unique video annotation feature, you can even customize your videos by including a picture-in-picture webcam movie across your desktop. Camtasia Screen Recorder is one of the Top 10 Screen Recording Software

CamStudio Free Screen Recorder

This software is a good choice for one-time or occasional users with minimal editing needs. This software creates AVI format videos that can later be converted to SWF.


  • Allows you to create small size files
  • Various quality options available


  • Viruses and malware have been reported
  • The output is not compatible with specific browsers
  • The sound is asynchronous
  • Lack of interactive features and animations

9. SmartPixel

SmartPixel video screen recording software is an ideal choice for game, software, and desktop recording. It uses advanced video compression technology to create high-quality videos supporting many different formats, such as FL MP4 AVI and WMV. Everything can be recorded without lag.

It is an HD screen recorder with picture-in-picture mode to record webcam and screen activities simultaneously, as well as post-editing functions like merging and cropping to ensure you get a perfect video.

SmartPixel Desktop Video Recorder Software

The second Software in this list is SmartPixel, a unique Software used by gamers who shoot the screen while playing because it does not consume any computer resources. It is considered the best Software for shooting games without cutting the computer, as well as the Software has many features that you can Screen capture in HD with the highest quality and smallest size, in addition to recording from a computer camera, adding video subtitles, placing audio and visual effects, and merging external video clips and images. SmartPixel is one of the Top 10 Screen Recording Software

The Software supports the Windows system and also provides a copy of the imaging Software for Android that.- The Software supports many tracks that enable you to combine a lot of audio and video clips. It is also one of the best editing Software for Android and supports recording from the computer camera.

10. Screencast-o-Matic Free Screen Recorder

By downloading this screen recording software for PC, you will be able to capture any area on your computer screen with the option to add narration from the microphone and video from your webcam.

It makes the screen recording experience easier with its simple interface, advanced tools and picture-in-picture mode. This screen capture software helps you record both your screen and webcam to draw while recording, pan or zoom to capture the most crucial screen area and many other features that you will discover for yourself.

Screencast O Matic:

Screencast-O-Matic allows you to make a recording of your computer screen or webcam. Although you can upload your videos to YouTube, you also have the option to upload your videos to the free server host.


  • Make recordings of up to 15 minutes with the free version.
  • Limited publishing options with the free version.
  • Recording from both screen and webcam.
  • The paid version is inexpensive.


  • The watermark is visible on videos created with the free version.
  • Computer audio recording requires Windows Vista or later.
  • Access to editing tools is limited in the free version.

11. Screenpresso – an Arabic Screen Recorder Software for the Computer

Screenpresso is a free computer screen recording program that is relied upon by more than a million users worldwide. You can use this program to record screen audio and video in HD. The program comes with many distinctive features such as recording audio from the device or the microphone with the ability to record from the camera, as well as it supports many popular video formats in addition to many effects that help to produce the video professionally, and it is considered one of the best video design Softwares. ScreenPresso is one of the Top 10 Screen Recording Software

You can also connect your Android phone to the computer and photograph it using the program, and there is a portable version of it that you can use without the need to install the program, and it supports Windows 7/8/8.1 / 10 in its two versions 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit.- The program supports about 20 languages, including Arabic, and provides you with the ability to edit the video after filming it. If you are looking for the best Arabic screen capture software for PC, this is the right choice.

12. Loom Screen Recording Software:

With Loom, you can capture your screen, voice, and face and share your video instantly in less time than it takes to write an email. It works on Windows, Mac and iOS.


  • Recordings up to 1080p resolution.
  • Allows you to include animated icons.
  • Screen and webcam can be recorded, the screen only, or webcam only.


  • It does not have a professional editor.
  • The free version puts your videos on for storage instead of computer storage (although you can download them).
  • The number of videos you can store and access on is limited.

13. iSpring Video Screen Recording Software:

Videos can be saved in WMV format or uploaded to YouTube. iSpring Free Cam is a free screen recording software for Windows to help you easily record screenshots. Some video editing tools and functions come with the program to allow you to delete parts of the video, remove background noise, and apply sound effects.

iSpring Program to Record Part of the Screen:

iSpring Suite

It is a fully stocked authoring tool designed for e-learning. It includes a professional video studio and many other tools for online training, such as course authoring tool and quiz maker. The studio allows you to take screenshots with audio feedback.

After the recording is finished, you can easily edit it: remove noise, insert media and annotations, delete unwanted parts, add transition effects.

  • It is also a distinguished program that is used to record the computer screen. The program has many features and advantages, where you can remove noise from the background of the video and put sound effects, zoom in on some snapshots, record mouse clicks, and edit the video. After the recording is finished, you can also save the video in quality Upload 1080 Blu-ray or upload a video to YouTube directly.
  • The program does not put any watermark on the photography; you can use it to make the video quickly; you can also control the sound of the video in terms of recording computer sound and integrating external sound with the ability to cut any part of the sound and delete it from the video.


  • No watermark, time limits and ads.
  • Records audio from microphone, system, and mouse sounds.
  • Users can edit audio and video to fine-tune screen recordings.
  • Saves videos in HD format (up to 720p or 1080p).
  • Upload and share the video on YouTube.
  • There is no paid version of iSpring Free Cam, and the program is completely free.
  • You can record two videos at the same time: screenshot and webcam video
  • There is a multitrack timeline for clip editing
  • Adds images, visual hints, diagrams, and annotations
  • Creates smooth scene transitions
  • No time limits for registration


  • No webcam recording.
  • Saves recordings in WMV format only.
  • Only mp4 video format is available
  • Few interactive features and animations

14. Apowersoft Screen Recording Software:

Apowersoft is a web-based recorder, so you don’t have to download anything. Alternatively, you can open this free online screen recorder in your browser.


  • Your computer screen and webcam can be recorded at the same time.
  • You can add different colours, shapes, notes and symbols in real-time while recording
  • The program is entirely free.


  • It is not possible to register on a secondary screen.

15. ShareX Computer Screen Recorder Software:

ShareX is an open-source application for still screen capture and video recording. You can start recording by clicking Shift + Print Screen and stop it again using Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen.

You can also use this free screen recorder to save your recordings as a GIF file instead of a video file, which can be very useful for sharing on forums and social media.

Not only is ShareX a tremendous free screen recorder, but it can also capture an entire web page, capture and select text via OCR, and even capture your screen on a schedule.


  • Take photos as a video or GIF file.
  • The ability to send your recordings and captured videos directly to a file-sharing site or social networking sites.
  • There are no watermarks or time limits.
  • The program is entirely free.


  • ShareX does not support taking screenshots or recordings from games running in full-screen mode.

16. Filmora Scrn

It is a reliable screen recording software that is especially loved by gamers. It allows you to record short scenes (up to 60fps for Mac) while simultaneously recording webcam video and provides basic editing options to improve the appearance of the clip and tutorial features that can help direct attention to critical elements on the screen.


  • You can record from your computer and camera simultaneously
  • Imports over 50 file formats and exports in multiple formats
  • Frame rate from 15 to 120 fps
  • Supports HD recording and up to 4K


  • Lacks advanced editing features
  • Noticeable impact on gaming performance
  • Lag has been reported on edit

17. FlashBack Screen Recorder Software

It is a total motion screen recorder with an easy to use interface. You can capture your screen and camera, and microphone and then make the recorded clip even better with the built-in editing tools and by adding captions, arrows, images and highlights.

FlashBack Express to take screenshots

Another specific program in this field is FlashBack Express. This program is characterized by capturing the screen and saving the recording upon completion or after a certain period has elapsed. The program can also hide passwords that appeared during registration automatically while hiding or switching the computer background and icons on the surface of the computer. The office, which is available in several languages.

  • What is unique about the program is that you can schedule the Software to register at a specific time while specifying the time to stop recording.


  • Record multiple screens
  • Fast upload to YouTube and FlashBack Connect or export as MP4, GIF, WMV, QuickTime, AVI and Flash
  • Supports zoom and pan options


  • It only allows you to import files in FBR format
  • It does not track the movement of windows in use


The article was a review of the Top 10 Screen Recording Software in the field. You can choose the most suitable program for your needs according to the specifications of each tool, as we have explained, although I recommend using OBS because it is integrated and free software.

Whether or not you should purchase one of the softwares described above depends on the nature of your tasks. Professionals working on e-learning video projects may benefit more from iSpring Suite. Experienced users with highly technical skills may choose ShareX, and those looking for a reliable and straightforward screen recorder for simpler tasks can use Free Cam.

Which is the best screen recording software for Windows 10?

The following best screen recording software for Windows 10 is MadCap Mimic. This is multimedia software that can record the screen activities on your computer.

Is there a 1080p screen recorder for Windows 10?

A feather in their cap is the latest 1080p screen recorder for Windows 10, DemoCreator. A simple yet efficient tool, which can record up to 120 fps is something hard to ignore. Not only this, a built-in video editor and simultaneous webcam recording for PIP is also present.

Since 2003, Wondershare has produced outstanding multimedia applications. A feather in their cap is the latest 1080p screen recorder for Windows 10, DemoCreator. A simple yet efficient tool, which can record up to 120 fps is something hard to ignore.

Is there a way to record your computer screen on Windows 10?

On Windows 10 PC, go to Start > Settings > System > Display. Select the highest setting in the Resolution drop-down, and the change will automatically be made. Click “Keep Changes”. Then use an HD screen recorder such as ScreenRec to capture your screen with the best possible quality.

Outputs only to AVI with a conversion to Flash. Flashback Express is a free version program that does not limit your screen recording time on Windows 10. This tool allows recording of the webcam, screen as well as sounds. You can also record multiple screens across monitor if you are using a multi-monitor system.

Is there an alternative to a desktop screen recorder?

An alternative desktop screen recorder is Flashback, developed by Blueberry Software. It can capture all the area on your computer screen without any hesitation. While recording, you can also draw lines, shapes, figures and add images and notes to them.

An alternative desktop screen recorder is Flashback, developed by Blueberry Software. It can capture all the area on your computer screen without any hesitation. While recording, you can also draw lines, shapes, figures and add images and notes to them.

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