Tutuapp Apk Download {No-Root} Free 2020 [updated]

Tutu App is the latest Chinese app store where you can get a number of hacked apps for free. This app gives you the whole control and harmonizes the features of any gaming applications. These new modded Pokemon go apk has been allowing you enjoy hacking applications after the release of its latest version. The bugs faced by users in the old version of Tutu Pokemon go apk were solved by the developers and now the latest version v0. is available.

The cracked version of Tutu Pokemon go apk is provided with a joystick that lets you walk around and catch the Pokemon’s on your neighborhood places. However, all the other features would have slight changes but the major change is in finding Pokemon’s only. Remember that Tutuapp Pokemon go apk is available on for rooted devices and you cannot use it on the nonrooted devices. download the latest version of the tutu app apk from here.

Tutu app Apk
Tutu App Apk

Tutuapp Apk Download Latest Version:

After the release of Pokemon go apk, plenty of modded applications for Pokemon go has been released into the market. But the easiest and best way to download Pokemon go apk for your device is to install Tutuapp Pokemon go apk. This is the best application for the people who are searching for a Pokemon go with joystick feature. If you are willing to download Tutuapp Pokemon go apk, then check out the link provided here.

Tutu App Apk
Tutu Apk Install
Tutu App Pk
Tutu App Installing
Apk Installing
Tutu Apk Install
Tutu App Installed
Tutu Apk Installed

Features of Tutuapp apk:

New app store: Tutu Pokemon go apk is like a new store where you can get any application including paid apps for free. This new app store provides you the number of gaming applications which you can’t download with normal play stores.

User Interface: It is provided with the best user interface which every new user can enjoy using this application.

Easy to Find Pokemon’s: In normal Pokemon go apk, finding Pokemon is a bit hard task because you need to walk through to catch the picabhoos. Tutuapp Pokemon go apk will help you to find neighborhood Pokemon’s easily without walking.

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Download Fortine

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Download Snapchat

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Download Youtube++

Download Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans++



Language: As the application was developed by the Chinese team, the app can be viewed by every user in the Chinese language. But Google Translate Tool will help you to change the language to the required one.

Tutuapp apk Toolbar: Tutu Toolbar will help you in managing the apps like calendar, battery, contacts, etc. It can provide you the best search engine with which you can easily find any app available in the Tutuapp store.

Tutu Apk
Best App Toolbar

Jailbreak version: If you are an iOS user, you need to jailbreak your device by using apps like Cydia or YaluJailbreak. A normal Android rooted version of Tutuapp Pokemon cannot work on your iOS device. So the developers have provided an iOS version of Tutuapp Pokemon go apk.

App cleaner: Tutu app Pokemon go apk for iOS is provided with an app cleaner feature that could help you in cleaning Junk files present on your device. This app can help you in saving your device memory in order to save any other files.

Free to download: Tutuapp apk lovers can download the app for free either for Android devices or iOS devices. All the paid apps whichever you find in iTunes are available for free in the Tutuapp store. hence tutuapp Pokemon go can be downloaded for free from here.

Tutu Apk Downloading


Try to download the latest version of Tutuapp apk for your Android or iOS device so that you would not face any errors. Notify me if I have missed discussing any point regarding Tutuapp apk. Comment us if you want to say something about this app.

TuTu App Not Working |Pokemon Go won’t Load | Unable to Install [*Solved]

Tutu app Not Working: Pokemon Go won’t LoadTutu app won’t won’t Download, Unable to install, these are the general problems tutu app users generally experience. we are here to solve your problems regarding the tutu app not working and unable to install and Pokemon Go won’t Load.  Tutu app is a third-party app store which provides unlimited apps at free of cost without paying a single buck from our pocket. The app is more similar to Google play store, but provides paid apps for free but whereas in google play store we should pay for paid apps like games and software tools.

TuTu App Not Working & Pokemon Go Won’t Load:

It is specially designed for Android and iOS devices and lets the devices to install and run the apps for free. The minimum requirement of the device to download the app is Android 3.1 and up. The app is more famous because it provides paid apps for free for the users. Tutu is available for all devices like Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone and some other brands. check this article if TuTu App is Not Working or if you can not install tutu app for android or ios & Pokemon go won’t load

The Best Features Of  The Tutu App are:

  • It can buy any number of apps and games for free for the user which are available in the Google play store.
  • Tutu has cleaning featured software which allows cleaning the ram and boosts the phone to run smoothly.
  • When Tutu is downloaded in the device, the user should have a file manager in the device so as to manage the device to any flash storage and other operations.
  • Tutu provides some important tools which allow managing Wifi, Bluetooth, calendar, contacts, etc.
  • Downloading of Tutu app
  • Download the Tutu app using the link provided on the official website.
  • And then locate the downloaded file and tap to install the app on the device.
  • If the devices you are using don’t allow installing the app, going to settings in the mobile and scrolling for security options, then click on “unknown sources”. As this option will allow the device to download the unknown apps.
  • Then open the app and give the required permissions to buy the paid apps.
Features of Tutu Apk
Downloading in Tutu App
Installing in Tutu Apk

TuTu App Not Working

Solving Issues Related to Pokemon Go won’t Load Tutu App Not Working / Tutu App Crashed:

We know that the app is not an original one, so we may face some technical related problems which occur frequently. Some of the issues (TuTu App Not Working | Unable to Install | Won’t Download| Pokemon go won’t load) faced by the users are:

  • Users face problems regarding the installation of the app.
  • Sometimes download failure occurs and cannot open the app after the app gets installed successfully.
  • Unable to install the apps using the Tutu app.
  • Sometimes the device gets slow.
  • If the user of Tutu app faces problems like above mentioned, then the user must follow some steps:
  • Firstly if the user wants to use the app again on the device, then the user must uninstall the previous version of the app from the device.
  • For this method, we should go to settings and find out “reset network settings” and then reset the network settings.
  • When we tap on the reset network settings tab, the window will ask confirmation.
  • When we confirm resetting, it will reset and the device will restart.
  • Then the system will ask us to choose wifi and password to connect it while resetting because all the settings would get deleted easily.
  • Now enter the wifi network details and connect the device again.
  • try this if the tutu app is not working or if the tutu app won’t download.
  • you can even try this if your pokemon go the won’t load.


By these steps, we can fix the problem if the Tutu app doesn’t work or else crashes or tutu apps unable to install. But the developers of the app have provided user guides, help & support site for the user if the app gets crashed. Sometimes while using the Tutu app, it will get stuck due to some bugs, for fixing this problem the Tutu app has provided to report if any problem occurs while using the Tutu app. The above steps can be followed if the problem is a minor one, but if the problem is the major one, we should wait for the updated version of the Tutu app apk. if you still have any doubts regarding Tutu App Not Working or Unable to Install or Won’t Download or Pokemon go won’t load do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you.

TutuApp VIP:

Tutu App VIP
Tutu VIP

TutuApp VIP: Tutu VIP is an app that allows the user to download the paid apps for free and use them easily in the device. And the app does not even require permission to download it. Now we know that there is Tutuapp Vip but there is another one called a Tutu App Vip. This Tutu VIP version will stay active, even it is downloaded on iOS devices and also provides to download more games easily with a hacked version. To get this Vip version for the device we should pay an amount of $6.99. the Tutu Vip app mainly aims at games like Clash Royale, Pokemon go and much more. It gives a better experience and a good environment for playing. Simple to use with a user-friendly interface and quick access tools to navigate through the application. It includes fake location hack, GPS hacks, and some other features. tutuapp VIP is also called as Tutu VIP. download tutuapp VIP latest version from here.

TutuApp VIP For Android & iOS:


As the app is not available in the google play store, we have to look for another source for the application. The main thing is that to download Tutuapp VIP, the device should have an Android version of 3.1+. The steps involved in downloading Tutuapp VIP are:

Tutu App VIP
Tutuapp VIP
  • After opening the device just make sure that the device is connected to the internet connection.
  • And then go to setting and scroll down for security options and select it.
  • Now the window will show to tick a mark on “unknown sources”. Just tick on it and go to the home screen on the device.
  • Now open the browser of the device and search for Tutu Vip app and select a trusted website www.tutu.vip
  • Then download the app from the link provided by the website on the webpage.
  • When the file gets downloaded, go to the download folder of the device and click on the file of the Tutu app VIP.
  • Now the app gets installed in the device.
  • Open the app and download the app which you want free.

The features of Tutuapp Vip are:

TUtu For Android
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices- jailbroken & non-jail broken.
  • No need to jailbreak the iOS device or else to log in to the Apple ID.
  • It is a free paid app.
  • User-friendly interface for the users to understand easily.
  • Optimised for PCs(windows & mac), phones, tablets etc.
  • Have a built-in cleaner for the device to clear the unwanted data, unsaved data & memory.
  • And also has a memory optimizer.
  • It provides a high download speed for the store of Tutuapp VIP.
  • The Vip users can submit a request for a new app after approval.
  • The downloaded and installed app will stay active and will be auto-saved in the device.


Tutu VIP is an updated version and came up with an English version of the app. It is easily available on three platforms- Windows, iOS, and Android. The app ensures that the app will give the user the best experience for hacking the premium versions of the paid apps.

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