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Watching VTV online on the website can be viewed on a computer or phone to help you watch VTV’s channels, easily follow attractive programs or highly anticipated VTV movies.

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Watch VTV online

VTV is currently a channel of Vietnam Television, with 11 VTV channels covering all provinces and cities nationwide. Viewers can watch VTV online on computers or on phones to watch live programs and attractive movies broadcast on VTV channels such as Taste of Friendship or funny and exciting shows.

Channels that are relayed include VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTV5, VTV5 Central Highlands, VTV5 Southwest, VTV6, VTV7, VTV8, VTV9. Each TV channel will be responsible for producing and promoting different content.

  • VTV1: Channel News – Politics – General.
  • VTV2: Science – Education Channel.
  • VTV3: General entertainment channel.
  • VTV4: National Foreign Relations TV channel.
  • VTV5: Ethnic minority language TV channel. VTV5 Southwest: Regional variations of the channel
  • VTV5 is for ethnic minorities in the Mekong Delta.
  • VTV5 Central Highlands: Regional variant of VTV5 channel for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.
  • VTV6: Youth TV channel.
  • VTV7: National Education TV channel.
  • VTV8: National television channel in the Central region – Central Highlands.
  • VTV9: National television channel in the South region.

Currently, we can watch live VTV channels on the official website of of Vietnam Television or manage through some VTV applications such as VTV GO, VTV Entertainment application.

VTV online

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