Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 |WhatsApp Gold Download the latest version v9.50| Against the ban WhatsApp Gold

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Download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold apk, the latest update against the ban, WhatsApp Gold is the premium version of WhatsApp Gold, and WhatsApp Gold is characterized by its distinctive golden icon and many great features, which make it one of the most influential and developed versions of WhatsApp Plus.

Is download WhatsApp Golden Whatsapp gold Diamond Elissian Plus, or as some call as the WhatsApp Golden, and is considered one of the most influential and most popular versions of WhatsApp Plus modified and most prevalent because of its stability and lack of problems in which, as it is entirely safe, and against the ban, and viruses is a copy whatsapp Golden is the first version of WhatsApp?

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021

WhatsApp Gold  2021 This version of WhatsApp is characterized by several features and additions that are not found in another version. For this reason, it has strong popularity with many users. This WhatsApp Gold was developed by the famous developer, who became famous at the beginning of 2015 and continued to our year. This is 2021, and the number of WhatsApp Gold users has increased because of their admiration for this WhatsApp and also because there are many features in it, such as hiding and freezing appearances, changing themes, and increasing the size of the status to more than an hour and a lot of additions that we will talk about in this topic.

What is WhatsApp Gold 2021?

It is a built version of the Official Green WhatsApp, the latest version from the Google Play Store, installed next to the official package com.WhatsApp2Pus was developed with new features that have been added in the version and are added continuously in each new update. The latest version is considered the latest version of WhatsApp V9.50 golden apk.

How to download WhatsApp Gold 2021?

The way to download WhatsApp Gold is straightforward and straightforward, and you do not need to pay to download it, as it is considered free; all you have to do is go to the end of the article and then click on the Download WhatsApp Plus Gold button, and you will be directed to the download page of WhatsApp Golden Yellow from the Media Fire website.

This site is considered The most accessible site to download, then click on the word Download or Download in English, and it will be downloaded directly. The file will be saved in the form of a telecharger whatsapp gold apk in your phone’s internal storage.

How to install and activate WhatsApp Gold?

After downloading the golden yellow WhatsApp, we now come to the installation method. The method of installation or installation is straightforward compared to other applications. All you have to do is activate the option to install from different sources from the phone settings,

then click on the golden WhatsApp against the ban and hacker, install it, and then go to the settings, then applications, and activate all Permissions. Then, open the Golden WhatsApp, enter your number, and start WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Gold Black.

Does WhatsApp Gold work on the iPhone?

Some users of the modern Golden Lotus use WhatsApp Gold in Android or Samsung devices, and when they buy an iPhone, they cannot install the same version or version in the apk format on the iPhone.

The reason is that iPhone programming is different from Android programming, and with the development of Apple versions and updating algorithms And protection from hacking, hacking. Spying is very difficult for WhatsApp developers to modify and develop a copy of it with the same features as WhatsApp Gold.

Everyone who grew it failed due to the difficulty of modifying it due to the company restricting its devices, so the answer to the question will be that WhatsApp Plus Gold.

“ does not work on the iPhone and does not By searching a lot for golden whatsapp so as not to tire yourself because the iPhone is restricted.”

Features of Downloading WhatsApp Gold

  • The new golden WhatsApp against the ban
  • I was disconnecting the internet in WhatsApp Gold 3ssem and closing it from the internet to avoid disturbing others.
  • When you show the follow-up of other people’s statuses in the new version of the golden WhatsApp.
  • Add an option to send a group message to groups.
  • You can keep the message private by placing another number in the same WhatsApp and start a secret conversation between you and anyone.
  • Listening to audio recordings automatically and the ability to hide that you have heard it from others.
  • The ability to keep messages and restore them when you do a few easy steps will explain how in the following address.
  • Add the night mode in the latest version of Golden Lotus.
  • Add a new and huge themes server containing 999 themes, and all problems of downloading and installing these themes have been fixed.
  • Add the ability to separate group conversations from private conversations easily.
  • We are adding the ability to withdraw the conversation row for quick access to options (home screen – top bar).
  • Add the possibility of downloading any emoji that you like from the style to reduce the size of the space of the gold version.
  • The possibility of running new excellent animated stickers.
  • Moving to the golden WhatsApp when downloading and how to restore conversations
  • Possibility to make free calls
  • The ability to show deleted messages in WhatsApp Gold
  • The ability to support WhatsApp stickers
  • Allow privacy in videos and photos.
  • Send complimentary text messages.
  • Make free audio and video calls Send audio and video messages.
  • Send photos, videos, documents, and documents.
  • Send diverse and beautiful emojis.
  • Receive messages online and offline.
  • Group chat and private chat between two people.
  • Star chat messages.
  • Set alarm sound and customize chat background.
  • Post messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • Send a group message to the groups.

How to update WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp apk gold

Download the WhatsApp Gold update to the latest version, download the latest WhatsApp update against the ban from the direct download link to Lotus Gold at the end of the article, then install WhatsApp on your Android phone, and enjoy all the modern features in the anti-ban WhatsApp Plus Gold update.

What’s new in the new update for WhatsApp Gold V9.50?

  1. Update WhatsApp base
  2. Exclusively add the feature to listen to voice messages at different speeds by switching buttons while the message is playing.
  3. Add a new shape to the additions and ease of navigation.
  4. Add a new look to the archived conversations as before
  5. Add the feature to install more than five conversations
  6. Add chat editing feature.
  7. Fixing the problem of receiving health and health after replying
  8. Fix background color for status text entry in dark mode
  9. Fix font color when changing themes
  10. Fixed an issue where the storage space is about to be full message appeared
  11. Add a new option in the Additions section to delete WhatsApp remnants.
  12. Fixed a delay in sending and receiving messages
  13. Fix the crash problem when cutting the video in the case on all devices
  14. Other fixes and improvements
  15. More other add-ons, discover it yourself.

Golden WhatsApp! Download WhatsApp Gold, which is distinguished from all versions with exclusive additions, there are more than 1000 themes, and you can download the cases of your friends, and increase the size of the case to more than 10 minutes, and you can also hide your appearance from others, and many features discover it for yourself.

Video explanation of how to download WhatsApp Gold 2021

Link to download WhatsApp Gold 2021

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