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The most popular smartphone messaging service WhatsApp is now able to communicate with friends from their PC. The feature is called “WhatsApp Web,” which gives its users the ability to read and send messages directly from their web browsers. Here You can also Download GB Whatsapp

Whatsapp Web
Whatsapp Web

How To Use Whatsapp Web:

  • Send images: to send images we have it even easier than with our WhatsApp since we only have to select the image and drag it to the conversation, in the case that we use our computer. If on the contrary, we are using a tablet or an iPad, the process will be the same as with our smartphone, by clicking on the “clip” icon to attach and searching the image or images we want to send in our gallery.
  • Open a new chat: for this, we only have to go to the icon that is in the upper left of the screen, with a comic book speech bubble.
  • Create a group: in this case, we have to go to the Options icon in the upper left, which is represented by the three vertical points and choose from the drop-down menu the option to create a group.
  • Change our profile and our status: as in the previous section, we just have to go to the same options icon in the upper left and choose the option we want.
  • See contact information and delete chat: as we can see in the upper right of the screen, there is another icon of options, these are related to the conversation or chat that we have open. Clicking on it will bring us a drop-down menu with these options.

Tips to use WhatsApp Web to the fullest

We cannot deny that, although WhatsApp Web is a huge advance for the millions of users who use this application every day to communicate, it has some limitations. And in order to use it, we have to have our mobile on and connected to the internet at all times. That’s why you will like these little tips to get the most out of this online version of WhatsApp and get over its “restrictions.”

Tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web:

Whatsapp Web
Whatsapp Web

You don’t have a battery? Leave the mobile charging and use Whatsapp Web wherever you want

You are about to leave the house and notes that you have run out of battery, but you have another device with which to access the internet. Well, you just have to take that other mobile, iPad, laptop or tablet and load Whatsapp Web on it before leaving. You can leave your mobile charging (yes, on) all day and use WhatsApp in your browser without problems until you return home. Even if you lose the connection for a while, if you do not log out, it will be activated again when the connection returns.

Take screenshots or take pictures of the QR code with another device

But what if our session has been closed for some reason or we have forgotten to put WhatsApp Web before leaving? In principle, there would be nothing to do, we can not load WhatsApp, but if there is another person at home we have a chance.

The first thing we have to do is open our browser and load the Whatsapp Web on the device that we are going to use it. Once that is done, we will take a screenshot (on PC by pressing Ctrl + PrintScreen; on Mac Cmd + Shift + 4 ) or we will take a photo of the QR code and send it to the person who has access to our mobile to read it With our WhatsApp application.

While we do it, we must keep the window open at all times, and the image must be clear because if it is blurred or pixelated, it will not read the QR code well.

Now all users of the WhatsApp instant messaging platform can enjoy a new version of it: the Web version. This is available for devices with Android operating system and also for the Google Chrome browser, ie for Notebooks, desktops, etc. Whatsapp currently has more than 600 million users around the world. When using the application from a computer, the messages will be automatically saved to it. 

It should be clarified that the Web client is only an extension of the conversations present on the mobile phone and to use the app you must perform synchronization by entering using a QR code that must be scanned from the official Whatsapp application, available for Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Android. 

WhatsApp managers recommend that the Web version be used through a Wi-Fi network, to reduce the use of data plans. At the moment, the application is not available for Apple devices, due to the limitations of the iOs platform (their operating system). Surely it will be within the plans of the WhatsApp people to be able to extend their Web version towards this powerful brand.

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