Windows 11 Release Date: everything Know about Microsoft’s Next Operating System

All eyes are on the reveal event on June 24(Windows 11 Release Date), as the brand will kick off Microsoft’s untitled Microsoft Event at 11 a.m.

Windows 10 has been supporting the best gaming PC in almost five years now, but it looks like its new successor is coming soon after the company announced that support for the current operating system would end in the year 2025.

EDT, which will translate to 8 a.m. PDT and 4 p.m. BST. In addition to the deliberate choice of time, its announcement tweet also shows a ray of light shining through a window in the shape of the number 11. If this isn’t all but confirmation of a successor, the original Leaked Windows 11 builds are now making rounds for sure – even if Cortana is beneficial, I don’t think it’s real.

A new operating system seemed impossible just a few years ago when Microsoft developer Jerry Nixon announced that Windows 10 would be the “final version” in 2015. The original Windows 11 will likely be a version. Free upgrade rather than a brand new purchase, like its predecessor. It won’t have a drastic change like Windows 7 to 8, featuring a new focused start menu, along with a user interface that mirrors the now boxed Windows 10X software.

Here’s what you need to know about Windows 11:

Windows 11 release date

We’ll know more about the latest version of Windows at Microsoft’s event on June 24 at 8 a.m. PDT, 11 a.m. EDT, and 4 p.m. BST. You can see it for yourself on the Microsoft website.

After that, the operating system is expected to be released a few months later, with predictions falling in October.

Features of

Windows 11

The operating system looks like it will carry many design cues from Windows 10X, a web-based operating system canceled in May 2021.

The recently added pop-out widget to Windows 10 could be a test bed for an upcoming Windows 11 widget, as we’ve also seen something similar in screenshots of the new operating system from The Verge.

is windows 11 a free upgrade?

Windows 11 could be a renaming for the previously planned ‘Sun Valley’ update for Windows 10. With many changes planned, Microsoft will switch to the Windows 11 name for Windows 10. upgrade version.

If that’s the case, we hope it’s a free upgrade if you’re running Windows 10 on the best gaming laptop or PC. That may even be the case for Windows 7 and 8 users, according to the product configuration key for Windows 11.

Windows 11 Price

It’s unlikely that Microsoft will move to the completely free model with its new operating system. However, we can’t see a copy of the new operating system costing more than the current price of Windows 10 Home ($139). /£119). If it were initially free, this would likely last for a limited time, like the release of Windows 10.

If you’re figuring out how to build a gaming PC, you might have to buy a new key or install Windows 10 and take the free upgrade route if you want to save a bit of cash.

Windows 11 release date and new features

Although a future update of Windows 10 is still called ‘Sun Valley,’ comments by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that Windows 11 could still be released.

With Build 2021 now being completed and only a few hints about the next release of Windows, users are curious if we could see the ‘Sun Valley’ release sooner, in time for the next release. The full version of Windows 11 will be released later this year.

Windows 11 Release Date: everything Know about Microsoft's Next Operating System

It looks like we’ll know this soon when Microsoft holds a Windows event at the end of June. The photo above itself also tells the silhouette of the Windows logo, almost forming the number 11, along with the event kicking off. At 11 am.

This article will find out with you all the information available about Windows 11, the successor version of Windows 10.

Windows 11 Release Date

Currently, there is no official information, but we have grounds to determine the release date of Windows 11 based on the following data:

Back in 2015, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft was adamant that there would be no Windows 11, but the technology is increasingly changing year by year. Apple also took many years to release macOS 11 Big Sur version; Microsoft will soon be too.

Windows Central reports that Windows 10 21H2 will come to users in October of this year. Before its release, Windows 10 21H2 is still in the testing process through the previous Windows Insider channels.

Microsoft could use a similar testing process to roll out a significant update to Windows 10 and users who don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11 if it’s announced.

Microsoft will hold an event on June 24 to talk about the ‘next generation of Windows’ at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, so we’ll know that soon.

On June 9, the company released the video below, containing the Windows startup sound slowed down to 4000%. And the exact length of the video is 11 minutes.

Windows 11 Name

Microsoft is famous for random names for its products. Whether it’s Xbox Series X, Windows Live, or OneDrive, these are names that users don’t expect.

During the Build 2021 opening keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about using the new version of Windows. “I’ve been experiencing it for the past few months and I’m super excited about the next generation of Windows,” Nadella told attendees.

Maybe it’s Windows 11, but Microsoft could still give their apps a different name. It could be Windows One, Windows 365, or even Windows Series.
Another news worth noting is that Windows 10 will no longer be supported in 2025, three years from now.

Windows 11 Release Date: everything Know about Microsoft's Next Operating System

This adds to the belief that Windows 11 is indeed in development and that this 2015 version of Windows 10 has ended.
With Sun Valley still being hinted at as the new version of Windows 10 this year, it looks like Microsoft is gearing up for a prominent announcement on June 24.

Although it should be noted that Microsoft has delayed the death of earlier versions of Windows like Windows 7, so we could still see Windows 10 in action after Microsoft stops supporting it in 2025.

Windows 11 Release Date: everything Know about Microsoft's Next Operating System

New Interface of Windows 11

There have been countless redesigned icons in the latest Insider developer channels, bringing the most significant changes in appearance since Windows 7.

It has been rumored that the user interface is currently being redesigned, with the new Segoe UI Variable font, which has been enabled in the developer versions as early as version 21376. However, the design team of Microsoft is also looking for a new font by asking users to choose from five different fonts to replace Calibri.

Not only are the fonts and icons refreshed, the new interface even rounded window corners across the entire operating system. And it can be ported to Windows 11 to make a splash because it is a significant update of Windows 10.

Recently, a job posting was discovered that reads: “build new parts and modernize existing parts of Windows UX, conduct user research to understand user needs. ” This reinforces the above speculation.

Windows 11 Release Date: everything Know about Microsoft's Next Operating System

Along with the new interface, Microsoft also rounded the corners of the window. This change will remove the sharp square edges on the entire user interface and bring a softer look to Windows 11.

Microsoft has also released images of the Settings app and gives you an early look at the subtle but effective change to Windows 11.

From the application window to the Start Menu, buttons, Live Tiles, and Action Center. This change will significantly impact the interface of Windows 11 and help it make a powerful impression on users.

New Features on Windows 11

The big update for Windows 11 is in the operating system interface and the functional features it can bring to users.

It is reported that Microsoft will include battery usage statistics in the Settings app. Smartphones have had this feature for years, but not in Windows.

Other rumored features that could be ported from ‘Sun Valley’ to Windows 11 include the ability to uninstall most pre-installed Microsoft apps, improved screenshots for secondary screens, and control panels Controls for your Microsoft account are in the Taskbar.

In addition, recent test builds have suggested that the Taskbar and File Explorer processes commonly found in the Task Manager will disappear.

Improved Tablet Mode in Windows 11

Tablet mode has been one of Windows’ weak points since Windows 8.

However, the essential feature currently rumored is a new ” touch layer” that will sit above the user interface and enable trackpad-like gestures on the touchscreen.

Pen and voice controls are both expected to receive further refinement, with a new voice user interface and pen contextual menu both planned.

These new features could be the highlight of Windows 11, especially with future Microsoft Surface products.

And here’s a ton of information you need to know about the upcoming Windows 11. What do you think about this new version of Windows 11?

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