Windows 11: Leaked Builds, Wallpapers and New Amazing Features

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A preview builds supposedly for Windows 11 has leaked, confirming the new name for Microsoft’s next generation of Windows and providing a glimpse of the new features.

Ever since Microsoft announced it would announce the next-generation version of Windows on June 24, speculation about the name has been rampant.

If this leaked build is legit and looks like it is, we can now confirm the next version of Windows is Windows 11.

Today, Windows 11 ISO image was leaked on a Chinese forum. You can install Windows 11 following this detailed guide.

What’s New in Windows 11

At first glance, Windows 11 looks a lot like Windows 10 with a design overhaul, including colorful icons, rounded corners, and new animations.

These changes are expected to be part of the Sun Valley update that we’ve heard about for a while. However, there are some significant changes to Windows 11 that have not been confirmed so far.


The first change that users will see is the new Windows logo. This is a simpler version of the Windows 10 logo.
According to Bleeping Computer, the Windows out-of-box experience (OOBE) has been overhauled with new colors, graphics, and settings wizards.

Microsoft has also introduced a new light and dark mode default wallpaper in Windows 11, as shown below:

Start Menu

The most critical change Windows users will notice is the new Windows 11 Start Menu.
Borrowed directly from Windows 10X, the new Windows 11 Start Menu floats above the taskbar and is aligned in the center of the screen.

Users can change the position of the Start Menu from the center to the left side of the screen using the Windows 11 taskbar options.

The new Start menu will be the change that users can easily recognize in Windows 11, and that will take the longest time for users to get used to.

As Windows users worldwide install the leaked build, the new features are likely to be released and shared before Microsoft’s upcoming Windows event.

Note, leaked builds can be faked to infect your computer with malware or viruses. Therefore, be very careful if you install this leaked build of Windows 11. Presumably, you should only install the leaked build on virtual machines or other secured devices.

Windows 11 Tablet Improvements

Tablet mode has been one of Windows’ weak points since Windows 8.

However, the essential feature currently rumored is a new “gesture layer,” which will sit above the user interface and allow users to perform hover-like actions on the screen touch.

Pen usage and voice are also expected to receive a nice tweak, with a new look for voice and a context menu for the pen.

These tablet features could be a showpiece for Windows 11, especially with future Microsoft Surface products.

Other features

It is reported that Microsoft will include battery usage statistics in the Settings app. Smartphones have had this feature for years, but it’s been absent from Windows.

Other rumored features include the ability to uninstall most pre-installed Microsoft apps, improved snap support for external monitors, and a panel for your Microsoft Account in the taskbar.

Also, recent test builds have suggested that the taskbar and File Explorer process commonly found in Task Manager appear to be segregated.

BleepingComputer has reached out to Microsoft to confirm if the leaked build is legit but has not received a response so far.

Earlier on June 4, well-known and trusted reporter Evan Blass also suggested that the upcoming version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system could be called Windows 11.

Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement on whether to release Windows 11 or not. Everything is still just speculation.

Windows 11 image

Below are screenshots of a few features on the leaked version that is said to be Windows 11.

But the taskbar is now all about pinning applications. Right-clicking on the taskbar will only install the taskbar without as many options as before. And need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open task manager.

2 more days until the event will be held and maybe the name of the new Windows version will be revealed. Let’s wait and see if it is Windows 11!

FAQ’s About the Windows 11

Is Windows 11 coming out?

Windows 11 set to arrive on June 24. The upcoming OS may borrow a lot of Windows 10X features. Windows taskbar is getting a redesign.

Will I get Windows 11 for free?

There’s a chance that Windows 11 will be a free “upgrade” for Windows 10 users, or Microsoft makes it optional for Windows 10 users to upgrade to the next-generation Windows.

Is there a Windows 12?

No. There is no Windows 12 and there wasn’t a Windows 11 either. The current version of Windows is 10, which is more of a brand name than a version number. A new version of Windows 10 is released twice a year and is known by its date, so 1809 was September 2019, 1903 was March 2019, and so on.

How long will win 10 be supported?

The Windows 10 support lifecycle has a five-year mainstream support phase that began on July 29, 2015, and a second five-year extended support phase that begins in 2020 and extends until October 2025.

Is Windows 10 the last one?

Just because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, doesn’t mean Windows development has reached it’s end. It’s the end of Windows numbering system. Not the updates and services. In fact, there’s NO real “final version” for a software.

What’s next for Windows?

Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months now, but new hints suggest the company isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.

Is free Windows 10 still available?

Here’s how. Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free by following these simple steps, now that support for Windows 7 has ended.

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