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Zamzar converter is a free application that allows users to convert many different types of files. With support for over 1100 different file types, there seems to be no file type that Zamzar file converter can’t convert. With fast conversion times, no waiting to create new files, and accessibility, Zamzar is especially useful if you don’t have the means to open a particular file type.

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Zamzar is an online file converter created by brothers Mike and Chris Whyley in England in 2006. It allows users to convert files without downloading a software tool and supports over 1,200 different conversion types. Since it was started, the service has flipped over 400 million files for users from 245 other countries, including Antarctica. The service supports converting documents, images, audio, video, e-Books, CAD files, and compressed file formats.

Users can type in a URL or upload one or more files (if they are all of the same formats) from their computer; Zamzar will then convert the file(s) to another user-specified format, such as an Adobe PDF file to a Microsoft Word document. Once the conversion is complete, users can immediately download the file from their web browser. Users can also choose to receive an email with a link to download the converted file.

What is Zamzar?

Zamzar file converter is easy to use, allowing you to convert files online without having to download any software. Although slower than most other online file converters, if you are frustrated with some other file converters or need to complete the online file conversion, give Zamzar a try.


  • License
  • Free of charge

  • Communication
  • Windows

  • Update day
  • 10/08/2021

  • Publisher
  • Zamzar

  • Downloads
  • < 100

  • Capacity
  • 23.7 KB

Features of Zamzar

  • Works on any OS as it only requires a browser to run (i.e., Zamzar works with Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • You can upload the file from your computer or enter the URL into this online file converter
  • Convert between multiple documents, image, video, archive, audio, and CAD formats
  • You can see a complete list of file formats that you can use with Zamzar from the Conversion Types page
  • Zamzar converts TXT files to MP3 format, providing high quality, online text-to-speech service
  • The whole file conversion with Zamzar is completed in 4 steps: No need to download and install software
  • Zamzar can also be used to convert files via email (up to 1MB for free)
  • Free regular, non-email conversion for any file up to 50MB.

Note: You can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to use much larger files. The upgrade also brings other perks, such as online storage of files, high-speed downloads, no ads, higher conversion priority, and faster support times.

What file formats does Zamzar support?

Zamzar supports many file formats. Some notable formats that Zamzar supports include WPD (Wordperfect Document), RA (RealMedia Streaming Media), FLV, and DOCX. Zamzar makes working with these and many more easy with just a few clicks.

Zamzar is a good choice if you need an image or document converter. Still, the 50MB file size limit makes it almost impossible to use it as a video converter or even an audio converter. . As files get larger and larger, it takes longer to upload, convert, and then re-download. Also, most long videos exceed 50MB.


  • Convert files for free (up to 50MB).
  • No installation required.
  • Convert many file types from one format to another.
  • Simple enough for anyone to use.
  • Allows you to receive an email when the conversion is finished.
  • Get started right away, no user account needed.


  • Conversion time is sometimes quite slow.
  • The 50MB file size limit makes it difficult to use for videos.
  • If the site is experiencing high traffic, the conversion may be delayed up to 1 hour.
  • Download links are valid for 24 hours. The converted file must be saved within one day of it being ready for download.
  • Free accounts are limited to two conversions in a 24-hour period.

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